High Speed Capsule Filling Machine

We have used the best ideas from the past and developed High Speed Automatic Capsule Filling Machine especially designed to meet highest capsule production requirements. The LCF- 150 machine model is impressive with its east operation and minimal set up and downtimes during format changes and cleaning. The powder dosing uses with the tamping pin technology for an enhanced accuracy. The high speed capsule filler machine is designed for high accuracies and can fill the entire range of hard gelatin capsule sizes from 00 to 5.

LCF-150 model allows various dosing combination fillings with up to three products such as powders, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets, powder blends or active ingredients. The high speed capsule filling machine control is by means of a programmable logic controller with touch enabled human interface with a very user friendly operable front end. It is a “Siemens” made touch screen HMI having very easy controls for production counter, toggle between manual / automatic / parameter setup modes, alarms, etc. The high speed capsule filler, as the name suggests, performs high speed operation and still maintains an accuracy of +/-2%. Separation of capsule is carried out by means of vacuum and is quite an efficient process. High speed capsule filling machine is built using stainless steel 316 that gives it a strong build for prolonged operation. Contact parts are manufactured with SS 304. It also incorporates an automatic rejection system for improperly inserted capsule top caps.

Special Features of High Speed Capsule Filler

  • cGMP design with emphasis in powder dust handling: Enclosed with main turn table avoid dust getting into mechanical parts of machine.
  • Filling Weight Accuracy ±2%
  • Enclosed dosing system with dust suction reduces cleaning frequency.
  • Vacuum cleaning station for segment cleanup in each cycle.
  • Efficient capsule separation by means of vacuum.
  • “Siemens” Make Touch Screen HMI, featuring user friendly controls: production counter, manual / automatic / parameter setup modes, alarms.
  • Precision capsule segments and dosing disk minimizes adjustments following parts changeover.
  • Stainless Steel 304 frames and transparent safety interlock guards.
  • Accurate capsule separation without damaging capsule with wide range of different capsules.
  • Automatic rejection system for Non – separated/ improperly inserted capsule top caps.
  • Quick Fill weight adjustments and high precision dosing tools ensures optimum machine efficiency

Technical Specification: Capsule Filling Machine (High Speed)

Sr. No. Machine Model LCF - 150
1 Production Output / hr 1,50,000 capsules
2 Material of Construction:
Contact parts
Non – Contact parts
  SS 316
SS 304
3 Power Supply 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hertz
4 Compressor Air Required 4 CFM
5 Machine Dimensions
Length (in mm)
Width (in mm)
Height (in mm)
6 Floor Dimensions (In mm) 3200
6 Net Weight Approx (in Kgs.) 1550