ETO Sterilizer, Autoclave, Water Spray/Steam Sterilizer, Pure Steam Generator

At Lodha International LLP, we offer a wide range of high quality Sterilization Equipments. These advanced machines are widely used in various sterilization applications. All our machines in this category are equipped with best in class features. These machines are known for their superior performance and excellent durability. We offer sterilization equipments used in various industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

In the category of Sterilization Equipments, we offer Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer, Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclaves, Hospital ETO Sterilizer, Autoclaves, Dry Heat Sterilizer, Bung Washer Cum Processor, Sterilizing & Depyrogenation Tunnel, Industrial Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer, Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizer, and Pure Steam Generator.