Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Lodha Pharma manual capsule filling machine is considered an ideal capsule filler with manual operation for small to medium batch size requirement in industries like pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Herbal and dietary supplement. The hand capsule filler model has the competence to fill and close hard gelatin capsules with powder & pellets. Our company has partnered with several pharmaceutical manufacturers and have taken proper measures to ensure that the capsules are precisely filled in order to achieve new levels of success with capsule-filling. The machine can open, fil and capsules at a rate of 300 per cycle, handling tablets of different size that ranges from 00 to 5 that requires changing of parts. Basic model of the filling machine comes with a single size change part set. For further requirement of other size, request can be made for the change parts.

Manual capsule filling machine is a flexible bench top pharmaceutical equipment that boasts of having the capacity to produce 8000 capsules per hour. The machine is hence deemed felicitous for clinical research organizations and special laboratories as they require cost effective manual capsule filler for smaller runs. It can be completely dismantled and hence is quite easy to maintain and clean. The manual capsule filling machine is designed to handle a wide variety of capsules. At this competitive price, 300 holes manual capsule filling machine is the best machine that can be offered. All the contact parts of the machine is designed from stainless steel 304 that provides immense strength to the structure. The non contact parts of the manual capsule filler, on the other hand, are manufactured using mild steel and hard chrome plated for an aesthetic look. A 300 Holes Manual Capsule Filler is potent enough to handle difficult powder and products.

The non contact parts of the manual capsule filler, on the other hand, are manufactured using mild steel and hard chrome plated for an aesthetic look. A 300 Holes Manual Capsule Filler is potent enough to handle difficult powder and products. Manually operated machines possess a bed of around 200 to 300 holes, a loading tray with 200-300 holes and a powder tray. Other important segments of this machine include a pin plate, a sealing plate with a rubber cap, and a lever. A handle with a loading tray encircled with 250 holes on an average is capable of producing around 6250 capsules per hour. Small scale manufacturers and hospitals utilize this type of encapsulators for extempore preparations. In the case of manually operated machines, the two parts of the capsules are detached and are inserted into the loading tray. The empty capsules are poured with the filling materials and then sealed off.

Capsule filler is a type of machine used to fill empty capsules with pharmaceutical ingredients. These capsules fillers are divided into 2 categories depending upon their uses i.e., personal capsule filling machine & professional capsule filling machine. Personal capsule filling machines is for small scale production and utilization. These personal capsule filler machines allow people to fill their capsules with the necessary medication. On the other hand, professional capsule fillers are used in pharmaceutical industries at large scale production with high efficiency.

Working Principle of A Capsule Filling Machine

Every machine has its own working method. The capsule filling machine works in a step-by-step process that is as mentioned below.

  1. The positioning of colourless & translucent capsules in the capsule filling tray.
  2. Division of capsule caps from their bodies.
  3. Filling up the capsule body with pharmaceutical ingredients
  4. Rearrange the caps and bodies
  5. Expulsion of filled capsules from the machine

This working method is common in all different types of capsule filler machines that are also known as encapsulators.

Key Features of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

  • Around 8000 capsules/hour can be manufactured with the help of manual capsule filling machine.
  • The machine can handle various complex powders
  • Different type of capsules can be handled with this machine
  • The movement and bench top mounting is easier in the manual capsule filling machine
  • Lodha Pharma offers capsule filling machine at highly competitive price
  • The machine has an added advantage of being 100% disassembled
  • The machine can be completely washed as per the GMP rules

Models Available in Manual Capsule Filler:

  • GMP Model: Complete designed from Stainless Steel 304
  • Standard Model: All contact parts designed from Stainless Steel 304 & Non – Contact parts designed from Mild Steel with Hard Chrome plating.

Technical Specification of Manual Capsule Filling Machine:

Machine Model: LI-CFM
Production Output: 7500 – 8000 Capsules/ hour
Overall Dimension: 428mm (L) x 308m (W) x 452mm (H)
Machine Weight: 60 Kgs.
Packing: Export worthy wooden box & carton box

Operating Procedure of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Placing Capsules in the Manual Capsule Filler

  • Put empty capsules in the loading tray and place it onto the machine
  • Pull locking handle forward, push down the long lever to lift the caps of the capsule bodies
  • Put the tray with caps aside
  • Push the locking handle back and capsule bodies will come to the filling surface

Filling Powder in the Capsules

  • Put powder tray to avoid spilling of the powder
  • Pour the right quantity of powder and spread it. Bring down the tamper and lock it
  • Turn the handle given above to compress the powder
  • Bring up the tamper. Pour & spread the extra powder.

Covering the Capsules

  • Put the tray with caps to filler and bring down the locking plate.
  • Lock the plate and turn the front knob to the right
  • Push the long lever down to push capsule bodies into caps
  • Open the locking plate lock, lift the locking plate and turn the front knob to the left
  • Pull down the long lever and lift the tray with filled capsules
  • Turn the tray to get filled capsules out of the tray

Benefits of Manual Capsule Filler

  • Simplistic design
  • Easy operation
  • Precise filling
  • Reduction in powder wastage
  • Strong and highly durable
  • Cost-effective

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