Mini Rotary Tablet Press Machine


LODHA Mini Tablet Press, is a compact table-top machine designed as per cGMP standards, widely used for formulation & development (F & D), small production batches.

This Single Sided Rotary Mini Tablet Machine is packed with all desired features, which keep it in line with renowned international players made as per European practices, all critical parts are processed on CNC machine with the combination of best of metallurgy to attain precision, durability and excellent finish. While designing, major areas like operator's safety, easy to clean and operate, minimum changeover time for tool and product are taken into consideration.

Salient Features of Mini Press Machine for R&D Lab:

This mini tablet press machine is also called as R&D Tablet Press/Lab Tablet Press, due to its significant usage in R&D Lab.

  • Square GMP Table Top Model Tablet Press
  • Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine
  • 8 Stn. 'D', 10 Stn. 'B' 12 Stn. Multi Tooling
  • 4 D + 4 B + 4 BB
  • Ideal machine for Research & Development.
  • Paint free tablet manufacturing zone
  • Turret of Special Grade S.G. Iron casting
  • Aluminium Turret Guards Anti Vibrating mount.
  • Upper punch penetration, as a standard feature
  • Electronic Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter, as a standard feature.
  • Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret.
  • Grease Nipples are provided for effective lubrication, where required.
  • AC VF Drive for main motor.
  • D & B tooling available in one machine.
  • Upper Guard Interlocking arrangement.
  • Centre drive fitted with Gear Box.
  • Machine can be equipped to compress Bi Layer Mini Tablet Press (Optional)
  • This tablet manufacture machine is also known as R&D Tablet Press, Mini Tablet Press, Lab Press, Mini Tablet compression machine/Mini pill press machine

Optional Features:

  • PLC with HMI based automation
  • Main, pre compression & ejection force monitoring system
  • Compaction force control system (CFC System)
  • Force Feeder Attachment
  • Pcs Turret with Electroless Nickel Plating (ENPL) & S.S. 316 Die Plate.
  • Gravity feeding system for MUPS.
  • Turret with lower punch keyway for various depth of fill lower cam tracks
  • SS cabinet/table can be providing as optional

The ideal output of the machine is maximum up to 18,000 tablets.

Technical Specification of Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine:

Model No. LI-MT 8D LI-MT 10B LI-MT 10D
Type Mini Press Mini Press Mini Press
Number of Station 8 10 10
Type of Tooling Punch D B D
Output-Tablets /Hr. (Max) 14,000 14,000 18,000
Turret RPM (Max) 30 30 30
Max. Operating Pressure 6 Tons 6 Tons 6 Tons
Max. Tablet Diameter 22 mm 16 mm 22 mm
Max. Depth of Fill 20.5 mm 17.5 mm 20.5 mm
Upper Punch Penetration 2 to 6 mm 2 to 6 mm 2 to 6 mm
Dia. of Die mm 38.10 mm 30.15 mm 38.10 mm
Dia. of Die mm 38.10 mm 30.15 mm 38.10 mm
Length of Die mm 23.81 mm 22.22 mm 23.81 mm
Dia. of Punch mm 25.34 18.99 25.34
Length of Punch mm 133.65 mm 133.65 mm 133.65 mm
Power 2.0 H.P., 1440 RPM, 415 Volts, 50 Hz
Overall Dimensions 480 mm x 670 mm x 1050 mm
Net Weight (Kgs.) 375
Gross Weight (Kgs.) 465

Mini Rotary Tablet Press Machine Video