Rapid Mixer Granulator - Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed for mixing the ingredients and wet granulation for tablet and capsule manufacturing process. This efficient machine achieves it by consistent mixing, uniformity of granule size and reducing process time. Moreover, rapid mixer granule is complaint to cGMP norms and maintains high standards of hygiene. The Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator is used in laboratories for research and development due to which it is also known as R&D Rapid Mixer Granulator. It is also known by the names Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator, Small Rapid Mixer Granulator and Compact Rapid Mixer Granulator due to its small and compact size.

The Rapid Mixer Granulators are characterized by their compact construction and user-friendly attributes make it very useful to perform dry mixing and wet granulating. Since it is widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, it assures a great reduction in the processing time. It serves as an instrument for research and development purposes owing to its homogenous mixing capabilities and controlled granule size and is most popularly called the R&D Rapid Mixer Granulator. The Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator uses the shear mixing principle for mixing and agitation to ensure contamination-free operation. This becomes important because of its extensive application in pharmaceutical industries, the small rapid mixer needs to have efficient processing and large-scale performance.

Mixing Bowl:

The mixing bowl is circular in shape and it has large diameter and flat base. The top part of the bowl is designed in conical shape so that it is easy to mix cohesive powders. It is very sturdy as it is made of SS 316/ 316L. The drive shaft is surrounded by a tube with large diameter, where it enters the base part of the bowl.

It has the main drive, shaft seal on the top of the tube so that it can be above the normal powder level. The shaft seal comes with an automatic air purge. On flushing the seal housing and drive shaft with cleaning water, discharge port drains it away from the machine. As per the design, the multi-bladed impeller is fixed close to the mixing bowl base and the chopper is fitted on the mixing bowl wall. To softly disturb the binder solution and create the vortex of the material being mixed, the impeller and the chopper comes with dual speed options.


A high-speed lab rapid mixer granulator efficiently assists the blending of powder and breaks the product to granule of desired size.

The granulator rotation is available in two speeds - 1500 or 3000 RPM. The granulator head is very sturdy as it is made of polished stainless steel and it can be easily removed for cleaning.

The Granular Shaft includes Air Purged Seal where it connects to the bowl.

The motor comes with removable stainless steel covers as per the cGMP norms.

Online Co- Mill

It has the online CO-Mill on the discharge port that reduces the oversized lumps. It results in a reduction of drying time by approximately 20%. As the lumps are small products, they can be uniformly dried at lower temperatures. Hence providing it a longer shelf life and eliminating casing & capping of tablets due to improper drying.

Side Discharge Valve:

Side discharge valve operated by ASS spindle connected to pneumatic cylinder in closed position, is given on the bottom side. The gate is flushed with the contour of the bowl.
For easy cleaning, it has a cover with removable silicone rubber seal that gives access into the chute.
To avoid the starting of valve or the motors at the time of cleaning operation, a safety lock is provided at the discharge port.
To meet the cGMP standards, the pneumatic cylinder is covered with stainless steel shroud.

Technical Specification Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator Models Pilot Models Production Models
LI-RMG 3 LI-RMG 5 LI-RMG 10 LI-RMG 15 LI-RMG 25 LI-RMG 75 LI-RMG 100 LI-RMG 150 LI-RMG 250 LI-RMG 400 LI-RMG 600 LI-RMG 800 LI-RMG 1200
Working Capacity in Liters 3 5 10 15 25 75 100 150 250 400 600 800 1200
Working Capacity in Kilograms 0.5 to 1.2 1 to 2 2 to 4 4 to 6 8 to 10 20 to 30 25 to 40 40 to 60 70 to 100 100 to 160 150 to 240 180 to 320 280 to 480
Main Motor 750/1440 RPM 2/3 2/3 2/3 3/5 3/5 3/5 5/7.5 10/12.5 25/30 30/40 50/100 60/75 80/100
Chopper Motor 1440/2880 RPM 0.5/1 0.5/1 0.5/1 0.5/1 0.75/1.5 1.5/3 1.5/3 2/3 3/5 5/7.5 5/7.5 5/7.5 10/15
Gear Box Size NMRV P075 NMRV P075 NMRV P075 NMRV P075 NMRV P075 W110 V500 V600 V700 V800 V1000 V1200 V1200

What is Rapid Mixer Granulator?

Rapid Mixer Granulator is a versatile processor widely used for mixing the ingredients and wet granulation for tablet and capsule manufacturing process.

What is the Principle Of Rapid Mixer Granulator?

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is mixing equipment that contains bottom entry agitator and side-mounted chopper for effective granulation of materials in various industries. The RMG Machine is used for the applications of wet mixing, dry blending, and preparation of dough & granulation. It functions on the principle of agitation of the materials of the bowl at modest speed following with the running of specially designed cutter blade at high speeds into the wet mass. The mixing time of the processing depends on the number of ingredients and their particle size.

What is Purging Air in RMG?

Generally, purging air is used to flush the industrial process equipment with clean air. Purging Air helps to keep the surfaces of RMG (Granulation Machine) clean and help in maintaining its effective performance.

What is Granulation in Pharma?

In general, granulation is a process that is used for producing granules. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the granulation process is widely used to mix powdered particles to form granules for the production of tablets. The pharmaceutical manufacturers primarily use Pharma Saizoner, also known as, High Shear Mixers for granulation.

Why is Granulation Necessary?

Granulation is an important process in tablet manufacturing. As a result of the granulation process, the particles stick together firmly which helps in increasing the particle size. High shear granulation machine efficiently executes the process of fast dry & wet mixing, and granulating of the powder.

What is Granulation End Point?

Granulation end-point in the wet granulation process can be defined by the formulator as a target particle size mean or distribution and after reaching the desired end-point, the granule properties and the tablet properties become similar. The main aim of any measurement in a granulation process is to estimate the viscosity and density of the granules. It is useful for getting an indication of the particle size mean and distribution.

What is Wet Granulation Method?

Wet granulation is the process of adding the liquid solution to dry powders, which involves the massing of dry powder particles with the help of granulating fluid. The wet granulator is used for the production of wet granules. The complexity of the wet granulation process depends on the characteristics of powder and the equipment.

What is Dry Granulation Process?

The dry granulation process is used for forming granules without any liquid solution. It is most suitable for the materials that are moisture-sensitive, heat-sensitive or do not compress well. Dry Powder granulator effectively executes this process with compacting and size reduction of the mix to create a free-flowing blend of uniform size. The primary powder particles are aggregated at high pressure with the help of high shear mixer granulator.

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