Starch Paste Kettle

Starch Paste Kettle Model LI-SPK we fabricate and develop is specially designed for pharmaceutical application and laboratory that is called as lab starch paste kettle.

The Lab Starch Paste Kettle is used in laboratories for research and development due to which it is also known as R&D Starch Paste Kettle. It is also known by the names Mini Starch Paste Kettle, Small Starch Paste Kettle and Compact Starch Paste Kettle due to its small and compact size.

It is used for preparation of binder materials which are highly used in medicines and food industries. Starch Paste Kettle is uses for preparation of binder materials which are widely used in medicine and food industries. Fast and even heating along with efficient stirring ensures good quality of starch paste is minimum amount of time. This machine has an electrically heated jacket, thus eliminating the need of providing a steam connection for heating. It also eliminates the need to tilt the vessel to empty its contents by providing an outlet valve at the bottom of the hemispherical vessel which can empty directly into containers which can be kept beneath it. This makes the handling of the hot starch paste much safer for the operators.

Special Features of Starch Paste Kettle:

  • All contact parts made of SS 316
  • Hemispherical design for proper mixing paste
  • Jacket provided with Steam/ Thermic/ Fluid heating arrangement
  • Driven via motor and gear box assembly mounted on top
  • Tilting arrangement for kettle is provided for discharge for starch paste
  • Anchor type impeller design for proper mixing of paste
  • Safe earthing system
  • Top drive with German make gear box
  • With inbuilt heating element jacket

Starch Paste Kettle Optional Accessories:

  • Flameproof Construction
  • VFD to chase the RPM of stirrer

Capacity of Starch Paste Kettle :

10 Liters to 300 Liters

Pharmaceutical Starch Paste Kettle Videos