Automatic Capsule Loader

Automatic Capsule Loader is used for loading empty capsules in loading tray of manual capsule filler machine. In this process, empty capsules are placed in loading tray through the magazine automatically with cap up and body down.

Capsule Loader Machine is useful for various industries. Automatic Capsule Loader is most suitable for medium scale pharmaceutical companies and Ayurvedic Herbal product companies. This capsule loader not only offers easy operation but also saves time & labour. It has a compact design and requires minimum space. The automatic capsule loader delivers high production with high accuracy.
It is ideal for medium and large scale pharmaceutical companies. The capsule loading machine is highly compact and is known for providing improved accuracy. It can load 300 capsules in the loading tray consisting of 300 holes in just 28 seconds. The components of the machine are easily removable. The automatic capsule loader is highly preferred in pharmaceutical industries for its ability to accommodate all standard sized capsules. Highlight of this machine is its ability to stop processing after the complete loading. With easily removable parts, the capsule loader is very easy in maintenance. It is a low investment machine that results in high output thus making it a utility machinery. The operation is quite simple and it can be operated by any semi-skilled labor as well. Capsule loading machine performs a hassle free operation and is easy to install. It is developed using high manufacturing practices that ensures the long run of the machine.

Automatic capsule loaders are the perfect machines for medium & large scale pharmaceutical industries. This automatic capsule loader is utilized in order to fill up the plates of manual capsule filling machines. This automatic capsule loader is simple to operate and an ideal technology that can save time & labour workload. These automatic capsule loaders are used to load capsules automatically onto the loading tray of the capsule filling machine. These machines are small-sized, as it can be fitted in smaller areas which means less space will be occupied. These machines give higher production of the capsules with a much better standard of accuracy and power-efficiency. The loader in the machine can automatically load the empty capsule in the loading plate without any errors. These automatic loaders are low investment machines but they can deliver high and beneficial output without disappointment. By using these automatic capsule loaders, a drastic change can be noticed in the production department in every aspect. These machines are simple to operate as no difficult operating mechanisms are involved, and the best thing is that it can be operated by a semi-skilled person too. These automatic machines dont require any setting in the mechanism of the machine once the machine has started its process, as a matter of fact no need of changing parts, is required for different processes. Another beneficial factor of this machine is that it will stop automatically after loading is complete. All together these automatic capsule loading machines can not only increase the production but on the other hand, they can also reduce the number of operators required to complete the capsule loading process.


  • High output with low investment
  • Significant difference in production
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for all standard sized capsules with appropriate size change parts.
  • All parts are easily removable
  • Stops the process automatically after loading is completed
  • Loads 300 capsules in loading tray only in 28 seconds
  • Comes with interchangeable parts for any size capsule

Technical Specification of Automatic Capsule Loading Machine:

Model: LI-ACL
Output: 36,000 capsules per/hour
Drive ¼ H.P, 3 phase, 440 volts,
Dimension length: 630 mm X 430 mm X 780 mm
Weight: 95 kilograms
Advantages of Automatic Capsule Loader

Automatic capsule loading machine loads empty capsules in loading tray of manual capsule filler. It is very cost effective and best suitable for medium scale pharmaceuticals companies for capsule production. Capsule loader reduces the process time and improves process efficiency by cutting the down time to only 28 seconds for loading 300 capsules. Moreover, it is so easy to operate that a semi-skilled worker can easily handle it. Out automatic capsule loader is suitable for all standard size capsules. This capsule loader is designed in such a way that it automatically stops once the loading is completed.  

Automatic Capsule Loader Videos