The manufacturing process of shampoo starts with the storage vessel. A cylindrical style vessel with a high loose lid and a dished bottom is used for the storage process. A din fitting is located at the bottom of the valve on this storage tank. This tank may hold a variety of shampoos, with capacities ranging from hundreds to millions of litres. The filling procedure is carried out following market demand. This process is known as batching and is the most effective way to increase production capacity.

Working of Shampoo Manufacturing Machinery

The manufacturing vessel is cylindrical and has a dished bottom. The top is vessel is dished and welded, vessels are equipped with CIP nozzles for the discharge. The mixing and heating rate of the product is controlled by computerized controls. The production of 200 Ltrs to 20000 Ltrs / batch of shampoo is done in a few hours depending on the type of raw material used. Once the final product is ready, it can be packed with various labels and outer corrugated boxes.

Buying Shampoo Manufacturing Machinery

Different Components of Shampoo Manufacturing Machinery

A storage vessel is necessary to store the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. The mixing vessel should also be supplied with a jacket for temperature control. The final product of the manufacturing process should be tested and certified as safe as possible. These are essential parts of the process. The operational capacity of the storage tank is decided by the client's demands, and the tank's capacity determines the quality of the end output.

In Conclusion

Each vessel is designed to produce the shampoo according to its formulation. Firstly, the mixing vessel should be large enough to accommodate the ingredients. It should have the capacity to mix the raw material at the same time. The dished bottom of the manufacturing unit is essential for the process of shampoo. The dished end of the vessel is important for proper ventilation. All these parts when combined form the perfect shampoo manufacturing machinery from Lodha International.