Conventional Coating Pan

Conventional Coating Pan

Model is specially been designed in different size of SS pan like 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60” or 72”. The coating pan is enclosed with different things including Motor, MS cladding with standard gear box, air filter, hot air blowing arrangement with SS pan inside making the outside covering easily cleanable. In order to avoid foundation, the machine is been placed on dyna mounts and the coating machine 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” has hot air blowing system with variable speed. Two speeds of 60” or 72” coating machine is available with step pulley without hot air blowing system. So as to avoid burning of hearts, the cilt coating machine has interlocked circuit and can be operated only when the blowers are ‘ON’.

The Lab Coating Pan is used in laboratories for research and development due to which it is also known as R&D Coating Pan. It is also known by the names Mini Coating Pan, Small Coating Pan and Compact Coating Pan due to its small and compact size.

The rim cavity of the Coating SS Pan Mouth Ring helps to avoid dirt or contaminated drug. Siemens & L&T has manufactured cilt standard machine with Redicon Gear Box and NGEF or Siemens Motor and all electrical. On customer’s demand thermostat control Gear Box and electrical including motors is also provided for economic purpose.

Conventional Coating Pan Special Features:

  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Pan with Sanitary Design
  • Excellent tablet rolling welded baffle
  • Spraying system with peristaltic pump and solution tank (Optional)
  • Adjustment Of Spray Guns (Optional) & Quick dismantle
  • Effective coating of tablets
  • Adjustment angle of pan
  • Interchangeable pans from higher to lower capacity
  • Exhaust blower with motor (Optional)

Advantages of Conventional Coating Pan

Conventional coating pan helps in masking the colour, smell and taste of the drug. It not only protects the drug from physical harm but also increases its shelf life. Appearance is also one of the very important factors, which attracts the users, and coating pan helps in enhancing the appearance of the tablets. It helps in ensuring that only chemically compatible ingredients are blended. Coating pan also helps in protecting the drug from falling apart when exposed to fluids in the body. Considering the advantages, it is a must have machine for pharmaceutical companies.

Technical Specification of Coating Pan:

Model No. LCP 18” LCP 24” LCP 36” LCP 48” LCP 60” LCP 72”
Working Capacity 2 – 4 Kgs. 4 – 8 Kgs. 40 – 70 kgs. 80 – 150 kgs. 200 – 350 kgs. 500 – 800 kgs.
Pan mouth Dia. (in mm) 250 300 425 500 500 500
Pan Speed RPM 5 - 24 5 - 24 5 - 24 5 - 24 5 - 24 5 – 24
Main Drive H.P. 1 H.P. 1 H.P. 3 H.P. 3 H.P. 5 H.P. 5 H.P.
Inlet Blower H.P. 0.75 H.P. 1 H.P. 5 H.P. 5 H.P. 7.5 H.P. 7.5 H.P.
Inlet Blower CFM 400 400 1800 1800 2600 3500
Outlet Blower H.P. 1 1 1 H.P. 2 H.P. 5 H.P. 10 H.P.
Compressed Air (Bar)


Power Supply

415V ± 10%, 3Phase, AC