Linear Tube Filling Machine - Fully Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Linear Tube Filling & Closing Machine Model: LI-TF is having applications for metal, plastic, polyfoil and laminate tubes with cassette infeed system. This linear tube filling machine is designed and constructed according to the highest technology standards to guarantee the maximum productivity and quality. Equipment complies according to cGMP standards and therefore suitable for sterile rooms and laminar flows. Easy changeover without tools in very less time. A mechanical lifting mechanism or run by a servo motor (upon request) controls the lifting and descending of the tube according to the fill product characteristics. Excellent access for cleaning and maintenance.

We offer a wide range of Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machines for the Cosmetic, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries as per our standard models or according to customer’s specific requirements. Our machine designed to fill Single tube large and small, side by side, dual product. Our machine sealing types include: Aluminium crimping and folding, hot air sealing for plastic and laminates. Our machines can be customized to fit your production needs.

Tube filling machines are manufactured in order to fill ointments, toothpaste and other material in a plastic tube. The tube fillers are a reliable and accurate filler system that offers clean filling of the tube at optimum speed. The role of tube filler is to measure the parameters for quality filling of tubes. The application of tube fillers is that it can be used in different manufacturing companies where the products are kept and supplied in tube form. Usually, the tube filling machine is present in pharmaceutical, food, and construction item manufacturing industries. As there are different roles played by fillers of the tube, here is everything you need to know about the tube filling machines.

Advantages of Tube Filling Machine :

The Tube filling machines are used by the industrial manufacturers, as the rapid speed of the machine is an advantage in filling up products like creams and lotions in tubes, quickly. As the machine has rapid motion the production efficiency also increases. Another advantage of the tube fillers is that they are filled manually, so that tube producers get high fluctuations in the amount of filling process. The beneficial feature of the filling tube equipment is that by using the machine, the company decreases the production cost and the machine also deducts the labour workload, as well as the easy operative feature, allows the user to access the machine without learning any brief mechanism. The Tube fillers are also used to reduce the wastage of products as the leftovers of the product are collected by the machine and is used in another tube.

Salient Features of Linear Tube Filling Machine :

  • The speed of the machine is 60 to 120 tubes per minute. It will vary depending upon the size and type of product the tube.
  • It can fill up from 3 ml to 200ml of cream/Ointment.
  • It can seal/close Lami tube up to 40 mm diameter and Aluminium tubes up to 28 mm diameter.
  • It will have oval race track with Aluminium tube holder. 
  • The indexing system will be of Ferguson type oil immersed.
  • The body is fully enclosed from all sides.
  • The machine will be cladded with pre-buffed SS sheet.
  • Over load clutch protection of Conveyor.
  • Provision for bar code reading. If required.
  • All stationary parts above table top will be in SS 304.
  • A variable frequency drive for changing the speed of the machine will also be provided along with the machine.
  • The machine will have PLC of Allen Bradley make and touch screen HMI.
  • All cams will be hardened and generally all shaft will be supported on bearing.
  • The Pneumatics will of Festo, Electricals of Siemens and sensors will of reputed brand from Europe.
  • All the door will have safety switch and only 24V DC power will come out of the machine. Even the cassette motor will also operate at 24V DC power.

Tube Filling Utility Required:

  • Input Power: Power in Put, 4 - 5 kW. at Site: 3 Phase/ 415V. ±15%, / 50Hz. ±5%, and Neutral. (As applicable)
  • Compress Air: Client to Provide Instrument Quality Moisture Free Air supply for Smooth Filling Machine Function the Continuous Air to be supplied at Site: 6 Kgs. / Sq. Cm. Pressure At 11 CFM Max.
  • Cooling Water: Water Circulation at Site: 8 LPM at 12o C.

Technical Specification of Linear Tube Filling Machine:

Model No. LI-TF 60 LI-TF 120
Filling Range 5 gms to 200 gms
Output per Minute Up to 60 Tubes/ Min. Up to 120 Tubes/ Min.
Machine Construction All Contact Parts   Stainless Steel 316   Stainless Steel 316
Hopper 60 Kg capacity (Working Volume 50 Kg). 90 Kg capacity (Working Volume 80 Kg).
Filling Volume setting Cam for Valve operation as well Fine Tuning Adjustable Control System
No tube - No Fill Device Activate Sensor with Electrical Logic Control system
Filling Accuracy ± 1%.  
Indexing Device Indexer Manifold
Auto tube in feeder Cassette Device System with Four Cassettes One Tube Size will be provided.
Change Part Syringe Pump Housing of 30gms to 100 gms, Two Cassettes, Tilting Cam, Feeding Con, Holder, Filling Nozzle, and Heating Adopter, of Removable type suitable for any one-size of tubes. With basic machine. will be provided
Tube Orientation Device  Top Drive (Photocell Unit) Make Std. and Stepper Motor & ‘I’ Mark Sensor DETALOGIC Make. At the separate station
 Lami / plastic tube heating device LEISTER or BAK Swiss Make, with suitable for Blower 0.35 HP. BLOWTECH Make. And hot air tool adopter jacketed water cooling system, attached at the separate station. At the separate station
 Lami / Plastic Tube Sealing Device Pneumatics operated. Jacketed water cooling System Attached, in sealing & coding where in the tube is pressed & sealed and then batch coded. With metal stereos coding Letter punch (female type 0 to 9, one set). At the separate station
Trimming device Pneumatics operated. At the separate station.
Tube ejection Automatic Filled Tube ejection at separate station
Machine System Description Empty Tube Feeding, ‘I’ Mark Orientation, Filling, Sealing, Crimping, Coding and filled Tube Ejector Automatically
Machine security Overload clutch for centering and micro switch cut-off system
Control Panel Necessary functional features like emergency stop, re-set, inching, and user friendly, Electrical logic system are standard with the machine, with interlock & indication on the main operators of panel to Electrical logic Control
Motor: 1.5 HP; 1440 RPM 3Ph. 440V AC. Hindustan Make. 
Gear Box Suitable Gear Box Ratio 30-1 Make PREMIUM with Separate Drive
Production speed control Variable speed control Suitable VFD Drive makes DELTA
Production Counter: Activate Sensor with Electrical Logic Display 6 mm. Size, 6 Digital Counter
All Pneumatic components FESTO Germany Make
Machine Entire frame Fabricated in Machine Entire Frame Mild Steel with Powder Coated &will be in hard Chrome plated & duly ENP coated and all other cams and levers will be in graded casting & alloy steel. With all side covers in S.S.-304
Power Input 2-5 kW. 3 phases.
M/c. Dimensions (L) 2640mm     x   (W) 1080mm    x    (H) 2450mm
Net Weight Overall Wt. Approx. 1200 Kgs Overall Wt. Approx. 1900 Kgs
* Specification can be changed as per customers’ requirements
Fully Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine Video