PVC ALU Blister Packing Machine

LODHA brings you comprehensive range of high speed PVC-ALU blister packing machine. Our automatic blister packaging machine utilized for packaging of the tablets, capsules in a blister pack. Our world class quality, reliability, performance and cost-effective range makes our machines ideal choice for pharmaceutical industry of any size.

Process Operation:

  • LI-PA240 is a machine model with continuous operations of forming station, feeding station, sealing station and printing station. Whereas punching station is of intermittent nature.  Product capacity of the machine depends on the product characteristics, pack layout and on type of feeding device. 
  • PVC film is generally used as base film and Aluminium foil with heat sealable VMCH coating as lidding film.
  • Batch code printer, Inspection Camera and Inline perforator are the accessories, which can be mounted on the machine.
  • The blister cavities are formed on the PVC/PVDC film web by vacuum processes.
  • This blister formed web moves over the web guide track and at this station the products are fed into the individual cavities.
  • The formed web along with the tablet or capsules moves towards a sealing station, where it is fused to the aluminium foil, which is drawn from an aluminium reel – feed station.
  • The punching tool punches out the specified pack, which is transferred to the out-feed conveyor.
  • Products to be packed on the machine are specifically pharmaceutical products such as Tablets and Capsules. Different type of products can be fed into the blister formed cavities on the formed web over the web guide track at the feeding zone.  

Optional Features:

  • Batch code letter embossing attachment
  • No fills detection and rejection system
  • Print registration control for PACK TO PRINT
  • Poly - carbonate guard

Packaging Materials:

Lidding Material: Aluminium with heat sealable lacquer or PVDC coating, Glassine paper.

Utilities Requirement:

  • Compressed Air: 14 CFM dry air having minimum pressure 6 kgs /cm. sq.
  • Water Cooler: 7-9 Liters / Minute at min. Capacity 1200 K.cal / hour.
  • Electrical Power: 7.5 KW, 380 - 415. AC, 50 hz, 3 Phase + N+E.
  • Earthing Cable: Copper, 2.5 mm2 (Minimum)

Technical Specification:

Model No. LI-PA240
PVC Base Film Width Max 210 mm
PVC Film Thickness Max 0.2 – 0.4 mm
Sealing Foil Width Max. 206 mm
Sealing Foil Thickness Max. 0.02 – 0.04 mm
Pack Length 200 mm
Pack Width 100 mm
Forming Depth 16 mm
Max. Out Put *4.5-5.5 meters/min (240 Blisters/ Min)
Overall Dimensions L: 3100 W: 1100 H: 2000 mm
*Machine outputs are product and layout specific