Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press also known as Sparkler Filter Press, It redefines the easy operation process, engineering process with robustness, and compact filtration. This horizontal plate-type filter press is suitable for syrup, chemicals, beverages, oils, and liquid filtration processes. It is a completely leak-proof and enclosed structure. The product that needs to undergo the process of filtration is fed in the shell through a suitable pump working under positive pressure. Here the liquid further flows inside towards the downwards direction through filter plates present inside. It is then guided to the peripheral holes through filter press openings present on sides that enter the plates. With the increasing pressure of the liquid, the foreign particles are held by the Filter media. The clear filtrate is allowed to pass through the formation of the central channel due to pressure cups interlocked to the outlet. The process of filtration continues until the filtrate rate slows down too much due to the cake resistance or either the unit’s cake holding capacity gets exhausted. Thus the clear filtrate is obtained from the bottom while the impurities get retained on the filter. The filter also has a scavenging arrangement that is responsible for getting the liquid completely filtered. The filter is provided with a various number of plates and diameter that helps to achieve the desired area of filtration and cake holding capacity.

Special Features of Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press:

  • The covered construction of the Horizontal plate filter press prevents oxidation, evaporation, or leakage.
  • The structure restricts the fumes being released from the product.
  • 2 different sizes of filter plates are available.
  • Deep plate for more cake holding capacity.
  • Shallow plate for less cake holding capacity.
  • Has horizontal filter plate & even cake thickness.
  • Prevents dropping or cracking of cake.
  • Assures better quality of filtrate obtained.
  • Adjustable cake holding capacity & filtration area depending upon the requirement.

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Technical Specification:

Model Plate diameter No. of Plates Filtering Area m2 Cake Holding Capacity (Litres) Capacity
LI-SP86 8” 6 0.198 4.50 400
LI-SP88 8” 8 0.254 5.78 500
LI-SP148 14” 8 0.756 27.00 1500
LI-SP1410 14” 10 0.924 35.00 1800
LI-SP188 18”D 8 1.270 51.00 2500
LI-SP1815 18”S 15 2.270 44.00 4500
LI-SP1812 18”D 12 1.840 78.00 3700
LI-SP1823 18”S 23 3.400 65.00 6800
LI-SP2412 24”D 12 3.430 148.00 6700
LI-SP2423 24”S 23 6.336 120.00 12600
LI-SP337 33”D 7 4.000 175.00 8000
LI-SP3314 33”S 14 7.500 210.00 15000

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Videos