Semi Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine Model LI-SC is suitable for applying Cap on various type and shape of Vials and bottles with maximum speed of 40 Vials/ Bottles per minute depending on Vial/ Bottle Size and type of Cap to be capping. Screw Capping Machine suitable for applying PP Cap, ROPP aluminium cap or plastic screw cap with the help of change parts /capping head. This machine is useful for small scale production units for medium scale production requirements.
Semi Automatic Screw Capping Machine with built in Table/Stand for trouble free operation.

Special Features:

  • Compact machine model & multipurpose use
  • No Vial/Bottle - No Capping System
  • Machine construction in SS304 material
  • Suitable for all type of PP Cap, ROPP Alu. Cap and Plastic Screw Cap
  • Heavy Duty Machine structure
  • Low noise & Less power consumption
  • Cap Sealing Pressure varied according to different size of caps.
  • Adjustable gauge provided for different height of bottles.

Add on Feature:

ROPP capping attachment

Technical Specification:

Model No. LI-SC
Product Diameter 25 mm to 85 mm *
Capping Type Screw type Packing
No. of Head Single Screw Capping Head
Product Height 150mm *
Power 1.0 H.P.
Electrical 415VAC, 3Phase and 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) with A.C. Drive
Speed Max. 40 Products per minute    
Overall Dimension 995 mm x 710 mm x 1350 mm
Net Weight 195 Kilograms
Gross Weight 275 Kilograms
*Specification can be changed as per customer’s requirements.