Vial Capping Machine

High Speed Vial Screw Capping Machine Model: LI-VCSH

is suitable for round vials with the maximum speed of 240 vials per minute. The speed also depends on Vial height, Vial diameter and Cap size. The high speed vial screw capping machine is built with stainless steel finishing including MS frame structure. It can also be used for tubular or moulded Glass Vials with Plain Aluminium Seals and Flip-Off Seals.

LI-VCSH Vial Screw Capper

comes with special single roller selling system that allows perfect sealing of vials with lower setting time. It comes with continuous Vibratory Bowl Feeder for cap feeding in any powder of liquid filling line. This high speed vial screw capping machine is suitable for different vials sizes as and plain or flip-off caps. It is suitable for applications in industries with high production requirement. This advanced vial capping machine is extremely versatile and offers high tech features like ‘No vial – No Capping’ and ‘No Cap – No Capping’. It is also equipped with a clutch system to prevent vial breakage. Moreover, the hopper of this high speed vial screw capping machine can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning. It also has spring loaded free spinning sealing rollers to prevent the damage and provide flexibility. This high quality machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because of its excellent performance.


  • Automatic System : No Vial - No Capping
  • Automatic System :No Cap – No Capping
  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • Infeed and Exit Star Wheel for automatic stoppage in case of overloading or jamming
  • VFD Speed System equipped Cap Feeder for feeding control
  • Unique Spring Loaded Free Spinning Single Sealing Roller
  • Complete dismantling of Hopper for easy cleaning
  • Clutch system to prevent Vial Breakage
  • Stainless Steel parts for long life
  • Single Motor synchronized Conveyor, Star Wheels and Platform Turret
  • Equipped with inbuilt Pulse Counter
  • Automatic System : Container Overturn – Machine Stop
  • Spring loaded free spinning Sealing Rollers to damage prevention and flexibility
  • Single Ratchet setting for quick change over
  • Unique Sealing Rollers for high-quality skirting and sealing


Vial capping machine is an integral part of packaging industry because of the high speed and accuracy. It is very difficult to achieve the amount of production, by capping with hands, which can be easily achieved with screw capping machine. Vial capper is very versatile as it is used in various industries such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and dairy products. Screw capping machine has enabled industries to achieve high production to meet high requirement of their products.


 Model LI–VCS 6H LI-VCS 8H
Number of Sealing Head Six Eight
Production Rate 100 to 180 Vials/ Minute 120 to 240 Vials/ Minute
Input Specification - -
Vial Diameter 24 mm to 90* mm 24 mm to 90 mm
Vial Height 25 mm to 150* mm 25 mm to 200 mm
Cap Diameter 13, 20, 25 & 28 mm with the help of Change Parts
Power 2.0 HP 3.0 HP
Electrical 415VAC 3Phase and 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) with A.C. Drive
Conveyor Height 800-850 mm 800-850 mm
Overall Dimension 1510mm (L) x 710mm (W) x 1815 mm (H) 2100 mm (L) x 875 mm (W) x 1810 mm (H)
Optional Accessories Polycarbonate profile cabinet covering complete machine Polycarbonate profile cabinet covering complete machine
Chuck Chuck for Filp-Off Seal Chuck for Filp-Off Seal
Automation PLC  with GUI PLC with GUI
* Specification can be changed as per customer’s requirements
* More Higher Capacities Machine Models available on specific request of customer