Sticker Labeling Machine is an automatic label dispensing equipment. It works by applying labels to packages by sliding them over an aluminum plate. This Labeling machine uses an electrically powered liquid marker which may be either glue or vinyl. Sticker Labeling Machine works well for both finished products and for unlabeled packages.

Sticker Labeling Machine is a fully automatic, self activating/ self-destructive, label-generating label dispensing machine. After the bottle receiving mechanism detects the item, it sends out a signal to the sensing unit. The sensing unit then controls the motor to drop the label on to the package and apply labels on to the item. With these unique characteristics, Sticker Labeling Machine is an elegantly designed product that is used for various applications.

automatic sticker labeling machine
automatic ampoule sticker labeling machine

Sticker Labeling Machine is also used in various industries such as packaging industry, medical industry, food industry etc. A fully automatic Sticker Labeling Machine is one of the most important and useful equipments for labeling bottles in the manufacturing units. This equipment helps you to label bottles and other glass objects easily. In addition to this, it is also capable of applying different kinds of coating to provide an attractive look to the item. Fully automatic Sticker Labeling Machine is not only suitable for labeling bottles but it is also a good option for labeling aluminum and stainless steel items as well.

Sticker Labeling Machine is an ideal solution for labeling different kinds of products. This is highly suitable for various applications in retail, medical and food industries. Hence, if you are looking for a highly convenient, highly reliable and cost effective solution for labeling things, you can rely on Sticker Labeling Machine. You can also avail best quality discounts in case you buy this product from a trusted company.