Maintenance of equipment is a mandatory procedure that industries need to perform on their machines repetitively within a certain span of time. Many industries use this procedure to keep the equipment working at its best. In equipment like tablet pressing machines, there are various types of tablet presses that can require distinctive methods of servicing to run the system of the machine smoothly. Apart from that, depending on the functioning of the machine, the maintenance procedure can also differ. Well, in order to acquire proper guidance, here are reliable maintenance tips & keynotes that industries can follow in tablet compression machines for stable functioning.

Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine Maintenance Tips

Rotary tablet pressing machines are utilized by various industries to manufacture tablets, and this production of tablets is an ongoing process that can require a continuous equipment operation. Therefore, by subdividing the types, here are maintenance tips for both single & double rotary tablet press machines.

A) Single Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine Maintenance Tips

In the maintaining procedure of a single rotary tablet press machine, the initial tip that should be followed is the dusting & cleaning process of each and every part of the equipment. Dusting is highly required in parts like hopper, fill stations, compression rollers, and punches of the tablet pressing machine. Lubrication is another step that can be useful in the maintenance of a single rotary compression machine. This lubrication helps in improving the motion fluency of parts like rollers, as these rollers can lose their easy movement with continuous processing and lack of oiling in it. After lubrication & cleaning of parts, troubleshooting of errors in the equipment is also a good maintenance keynote that can be followed.

Single Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine

B) Double Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine Maintenance Tips

The maintenance process of the double rotary tablet pressing machine is similar to the single rotary tablet pressers, but with certain additional steps. In the maintenance process, the cleaning of the equipment should be executed on an advanced level, as this double rotary compressor also features parts like a feeding system & discharging chute. This discharging chute & feeding system holds the granule material at a point and cleaning of the parts is important to avoid the material mixing with dust or any other unwanted particles. Hence, lubrication & troubleshooting should also be executed on an advanced level in this double rotary tablet compression machine.

Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine

Mini Tablet Pressing Machine Maintenance Tips

The Mini tablet pressing machine is an easy maintenance machine that industries can prefer for tablet compression. The maintenance tips that can be used to improve the performance of this mini tablet presser is that, the equipment needs to remove powder particles that are stuck on different parts of the tablet presser. The electrical components of the mini-tablet pressing machine should be examined in order to balance and rectify the errors that can occur in the machine due to these components. For convenient processing of mini tablet pressers, a balanced temperature with accurate moisture level is highly required.

Mini Tablet Pressing Machine

The tablet pressing machine is industrial equipment that can require several maintenance tips to execute the operation quintessentially. What industries need to understand is that different types of tablet compression equipment can demand various servicing methods for reliable functioning of the machine. Hence, basic servicing of every tablet presser can be similar, but an advanced type of maintenance can bring changes in the process.