Tablet Press - Rotary & Lab Tablet Press Machine

A rotary tablet press machine is used to compress powder and make tablets of uniform shape and size. This high tech rotary and lab tablet press machine is a synonym of robustness and reliability. Its steady structure and high speed make the tablet pressing process more efficient. Because of its simple structure and design, this lab tablet press machine is very easy to operate. It is most suitable for the production of tablets in large batches. This machine is designed and developed in compliance with the cGMP norms.

This advanced tablet press machine comes with a pre-compression roller, which helps in easy compression of the different types of products. In addition, it offers easy accessibility for product change over and fast cleaning. Considering the safety of the operator, upper guard and side guard interlock is provided in this double sided rotary tablet press machine. It also ensures hygienic condition for the production of tablets. Moreover, the operator can easily fine tune all the tablet parameters during operation from outside the tableting area. Besides, this high-speed rotary tablet press machine is also equipped with calibrated SIEKO dials for precise weight control.

Special Features of Lab Tablet Press & Rotary Tablet Press Machine:

  • High Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet
  • Tablet Press suitable for large batch production.
  • Conforming to stringent cGMP norms.
  • All tablet parameters can be fine-tuned during operation from outside the tableting zone.
  • This machine is available with pre-compression roller, Ability to compress variety of products easily.
  • ACVF drive for main motor.
  • This machine is having bottom driven rotary force feeder, ensure higher weight consistency, separate
  • AC variable drive for force feeder motors.
  • Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product change over.
  • Precise weight control by calibrated SIEKO dials.
  • 3 Types of filling lower cam track is provided with machine.
  • Heavy duty advance design of overload compression spring system, eliminates hydraulic cylinders & accumulator cylinder.
  • No maintenance of hydraulic cylinder & accumulator cylinder.
  • All upper guards and side guard interlock provided for operator safety.
  • Ensures hygienic production condition and operator safety

Technical specification of Rotary Tablet Press Machine, Lab Tablet Press Machine :

Model No. LI-HT 45D LI-HT 61B LI-HT 69B LI-HT 75B
Number of Station 45 61 69 75
Type of Tooling ‘D’ ‘B’ ‘BB’ BB’
Output 325000 435000 497000 545000
Max. Operating Pressure Main (KN) 100 65 65 65
Maximum Operating Pressure Compression (Kn) 10 10 10 10
Max. Tablet Diameter 25 mm 16 mm 11 mm 11 mm
Max. Depth of Fill 20 mm  17.5 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm
Upper Punch Entry Penetration Main 3 to 8 mm
Total Power 8.75/ 11.70
Main Electric Motor 7.50/ 10.00
Force Feeder Motor 0.19/ 0.25
Electrical Supply (a) 415V/3Phase/50 Hz
(b) 480V/3Phase/60 Hz
(c)220V/3Phase/60 Hz
Overall Dimension 1460 mm x 1610 mm x 1960 mm
Net Weight 3850 Kgs.
Case Dimension 1980 mm x 2210 mm x 2290 mm