Tablet Press - Rotary & Lab Tablet Press Machine

A rotary tablet press machine is used to compress powder and make tablets of uniform shape and size. This high tech rotary and lab tablet press machine is a synonym of robustness and reliability. Its steady structure and high speed make the tablet pressing process more efficient. Because of its simple structure and design, this lab tablet press machine is very easy to operate. It is most suitable for the production of tablets in large batches. This machine is designed and developed in compliance with the cGMP norms.

This state-of-the-art equipment called tablet press machine is known to have advantages like high production capacity and cost-effectiveness. The pill press machine finds its use in various applications in manufacturing tablets for cosmetics, cleaning tablets, and pharmaceutical drugs. This tablet compression machine has effective tooling that determines the shape identifies as well as marks the size of the tablet. The high-speed rotary tablet press machine comes with all the advanced features suitable for high-volume production. The benefit of this tablet press is that it is easy to operate and has a high utilization ratio. The high output capacity machine can be used for all types of active agents and its strong engineered parts provide high durability to users.

This advanced tablet press machine comes with a pre-compression roller, which helps in easy compression of the different types of products. In addition, it offers easy accessibility for product change over and fast cleaning. Considering the safety of the operator, upper guard and side guard interlock is provided in this double sided rotary tablet press machine. It also ensures hygienic condition for the production of tablets. Moreover, the operator can easily fine tune all the tablet parameters during operation from outside the tableting area. Besides, this high-speed rotary tablet press machine is also equipped with calibrated SIEKO dials for precise weight control.

The Lodha Pharma’s tablet presser comes with the facility of advance overload compression spring system for heavy duty. Due to this feature the use of hydraulic and accumulator cylinder gets eliminated from the system. The complete instrument is designed in a manner to confide all the parts in a single quadrate and more preferred.

High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

High Speed Rotary Tablet Presses are aimed at the pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries.They are capable of generating 100 kN pre-pressing pressure. They can also produce tablets up to varied in thickness. They are designed to meet the demands of large manufacturers. They allow recipe settings to be stored and reproduced for future batches.

This high speed tablet press meets the requirements of our clients. It has a novel structure, a large pressure wheel and a long compression time. It also features high automation, high utilization ratio and the ability to bear heavy load.

The tablet press offers quick, easy format changes and fast cleaning. It is equipped with a vacuum deduster that removes dust from the upper and lower punching rods. It also comes with an interlock system for the side guards. It is designed to operate a minimum hours without significant maintenance.

Rotary Table Press History

Several companies have produced tablet presses throughout the years. Some of them have been automated, while others have been hand-driven. With the demand for these machines growing, the manufacturers have increased their productivity.

There are many types of rotary tablet pressing machines available. They come in basic and upgrade models. The difference between the two is the automation level and the pressing speed.

A rotary tablet press compresses powder granules into tablets. This equipment can be used to produce millions of tablets per hour. It reduces the waste of formulation and can control the hardness and weight. The machine's capacity can be increased by adding a deduster or a vacuum powder loader.

A rotary tablet compression machine must be able to provide optimal flow angles to ensure that the raw material stays flowing at the right rate. It also needs to have a vacuum driven suction unit and good ventilation. It should have a power supply that is three-phase five-wire. It can have a depth fill, which is necessary for a machine of this type.

A rotary tablet compression machine can be purchased with a touchscreen HMI system for operator control. The touchscreen allows the user to monitor the entire process from start to finish. It is possible to attach a tablet scraper to the machine.

Rotary Tablet Press Working Principle

Various rotary tablet presses are available. The models vary in pressing speed, automation level, and capacity. They are designed to reduce formulation wastage, reduce production cost, and produce high quality tablets.

These presses use a two step action to compress powder granules into tablets. In the first step, granular material is mixed and shaped into a homogeneous blend. Then, the mix is delivered to a hopper, where it is confined. Once the material is ready, it is loaded into the feeding system.

The powder then falls into the die. The upper punch moves in the die cavity to compress the material. The lower punch rises to eject the excess powder. The height of the lower punch dictates how much material is packed in the die. The height of the top and bottom punches is controlled by a metering cam.

After the fill stage, the lower punch track is adjusted to ensure proper density and volume of the granules. The feeder is then fitted with a take-off blade. The blade is able to deflect the tablet down the discharge chute.

The feeding system of the machine should be made of 316L stainless steel. This prevents the powder from sticking. The feeder also provides a constant flow of powder.

The turret is a crucial part of the tablet press. It holds several punches and helps align them. Its design determines the number of stations. A larger turret provides a faster pressing capacity. Its diameter also influences the number of punches.

Special Features of Lab Tablet Press & Rotary Tablet Press Machine:

  • Suitable for large batch production.
  • Variable AC Drive for force feeder motors & main motor.
  • Advance Overload Compression Spring system supported.
  • Designed as per cGMP compliance.
  • Provided with three types of lower cam track filler.
  • Two-sided High Paced Rotary Tablet.
  • Hygienic production and safety ensured for operator via interlocked upper and side guards.
  • Fine tuning of tablet parameters through the front control present outside the equipment.
  • Accurate controls of weight with the help of adjustable SIEKO dials.
  • Easy product changeover and quick cleaning of the instrument.
  • Pre-compression roller & easy compressibility of variety of products.
  • Consists of bottom driven rotary force feeder.
  • Maintains consistency in higher weight.

Technical specification of Rotary Tablet Press Machine, Lab Tablet Press Machine :

Model No. LI-HT 45D LI-HT 61B LI-HT 69B LI-HT 75B
Number of Station 45 61 69 75
Type of Tooling ‘D’ ‘B’ ‘BB’ BB’
Output 325000 435000 497000 545000
Max. Operating Pressure Main (KN) 100 65 65 65
Maximum Operating Pressure Compression (Kn) 10 10 10 10
Max. Tablet Diameter 25 mm 16 mm 11 mm 11 mm
Max. Depth of Fill 20 mm  17.5 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm
Upper Punch Entry Penetration Main 3 to 8 mm
Total Power 8.75/ 11.70
Main Electric Motor 7.50/ 10.00
Force Feeder Motor 0.19/ 0.25
Electrical Supply (a) 415V/3Phase/50 Hz
(b) 480V/3Phase/60 Hz
(c)220V/3Phase/60 Hz
Overall Dimension 1460 mm x 1610 mm x 1960 mm
Net Weight 3850 Kgs.
Case Dimension 1980 mm x 2210 mm x 2290 mm

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