1. What is an Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant?

Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant is a set of equipment designed for the manufacture of ointments, creams, and lotions for different capacity ranges. It consists of a homogenization process of semi-solid with liquid components to produce ointment creams. They are high-end machinery that uses advanced techniques and is useful in industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and herbals. The process of ointment manufacturing starts from mixing ingredients and ends with the final product stored in tubes.

2. What are the key features of an Ointment Manufacturing Plant?

The state-of-the-art ointment cream manufacturing plant is equipped with validation protocols and regulatory requirements with cGMP production plants. Besides they are endowed with features like-

3. What is the working principle behind the Cream Manufacturing plants?

The system consists of an enclosed circuit manufacturing mechanism from the loading of water/wax phase right to loading the hopper of the filler machine. At the required temperature, the wax and the water are transferred to the manufacturing vessel by a vacuum method through a conical filter. After the emulsion formation, the production is again circulated through the transfer pump of the ointment plant and is then discharged in the storage vessel. The storage vessel is fixed and the pump transfers the ointment to the hopper of the filling machine of ointment. A metering pump enables the same while being transferred.

Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant - Ointment Machinery

4. What are the benefits of employing an Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant?

The advantages of an ointment manufacturing plant are-

5. What are the safety features present in this kind of equipment?

6. What is the application of ointment manufacturing plants in different industries?