Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant

At Lodha Pharma, we ensure designing, engineering, manufacturing, and supplying sterile as well as non-sterile ointment & cream plants that are completely customized and automated as per the requirements of the latest cGMP standards with needed qualified documents.
The Ointment Cream manufacturing plants ensure perfect manufacturing outcomes for the ointments, creams, lotions of different emulsions, and homogenization. The framework comprises an enclosed circuit fabricating office which upholds the wax/water phase to the stacking of the container of the filling machine. This semi-solid emulsion manufacturing plant works by mixing the ointment and water in a homogenous quantity before passing it through the production process. By employing the ointment cream manufacturing plant cost can be majorly controlled along with a great degree of consistency and reliability. They are versatile as they are compatible with a lot of products of different viscosity as well as the different types of containers that hold them. The two key features that set them apart are minimum manhandling and negligible vacuum drop during mixing and blending. The mixing principles are matching with international standards. The propeller stirrer assembly achieves different speeds and has large production speeds and all the components used are corrosion resistant which gives them great endurance in the long run.

Our Range of Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plants:

  • Stainless steel operating platform & control panel
  • Storage vessels with/without agitators
  • Agitated Vessels with Oil Phase Jacket
  • Agitated vessels with Water Phase Jacket
  • Dedicated Sanitization system & skidded CIP
  • Vacuum transfer systems suitable for water or oil phase
  • Transfer pumps to filling system
  • Valve system & aseptic piping that are interconnected
  • Manufacturing vessels having load cells for weight automation
  • PLC-based automation system that is suitable for SCADA connectivity
  • Explosion-proof system available on request
  • Mixing agitator with high viscosity with manufacturing vessels.
  • Auto lifting top lid device, mixing under vacuum condition & heating cooling facility present inside or outside micro-homogenizer.

Ointment Manufacturing Machine Capacity Range:

100L to 5000 L having viscosity upto 1,00,000 centipoise(cps)

Salient Features of Ointment Plant:

  • Top covers with hydro lift
  • High-speed Inline or In-built Homogenizer
  • Internal or External Recirculation System
  • 10-1 Micron Fine Distribution Range
  • Automation system of the highest standard
  • Low sheared force & smooth processing
  • Effective standard designing & manufacturing with sanitary conditions
  • Contact parts made of Stainless Steel 316L
  • Non-contact parts made of Stainless Steel 304
  • Agitator supported in Teflon scrapping mechanism
  • <0.5 Micron RA polished internal surface mirror
  • DQ, FAT & IQ/OQ Protocols Qualified Documents
  • Step-less speed controlled double speed contra-mixing slow agitator

Ointment Manufacturing Machine Applications:

  • Skincare cosmetics
  • Hair cosmetic products
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Emulsions
  • Dressings
  • Delicacies
  • Jams
  • Toothpaste
  • Gels