Introduction- Granulation technologies help in the flow ability and processing properties of compounds needed in the pharmaceutical industries. These processes have improved dramatically with advanced technology and are one of the most important in the production line. A few cohesive machines and their way of working are described below-

Vibro Sifter

A Vibro Sifter is a piece of equipment that sieves materials in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing with different types of mesh. Sifting is done to remove lumps that might have formed after being stored for a long period. It is useful in removing unwanted foreign particles and separates the material according to size. The Vibro Sifter works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. The material is separated based on its particle size and the motor in the Vibro sifter gets energized inducing vibration in the screen or the sieve. This enables the material to travel across the sieve according to its particle size.

The Vibro Sifters consist of a screen placed on the base plate attached centrally to the gyratory motor. The material to be sifted is placed through an inlet that is on top. When the same is dropped on the screen the particles that are smaller than the mesh size pass from the screen and the larger-sized particles are released through an outlet. There is a combination that ensures that through the weights placed on top and the arrangement of the bottom screen adequate filtration takes place and the desired separation of the material is achieved. The vibratory motor imparts a three-plane vibration to the screen owing to its revolving eccentric weight system. The entire mechanism is mounted on springs so that the vibration does not affect the other parts of the machinery. The vibratory motor imparts a three-plane vibration to the screen owing to its revolving eccentric weight system. The vibratory motor imparts a three-plane vibration to the screen owing to its revolving eccentric weight system.

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Rapid Mixer Granulator

The rapid mixer granulator is a multi-processor processor suitable for high-speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulation, and effervescent products and melts pelletization. In a rapid mixer granulator, the formation of granules occurs by rising, whirling, and tumbling motion of the material. Dry mixing is done by adding all ingredients into the RMG by the rotation of the impeller and chopper at high speed. When the binder solution is added to the powder the impeller and the chopper are operated at low speed. Once the wet mass is formulated then the impeller and chopper are operated at a high speed to form the granules of the required size. The Mixing time of the Rapid mixer Granulator depends on the ingredient quantity and the particle size in it.

The rapid mixer and granulator are designed to achieve mixing and consistent granules at a much operating cost along with greater productivity. The working principle of the rapid mixer granulator is based on two decisive factors essential for the intimate mixing system

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Vacuum Tray Dryer

Vacuum Tray Dryer is the equipment that helps in vacuum drying and sustains pressure without the chance of any deformation. They are usually used for the drying of substances that are hygroscopic and heat sensitive. It is based on the principle of creating a vacuum to decrease the chamber pressure which is below the vapor pressure of the water, causing it to boil. The materials to be dried are kept on the trays inside the vacuum dryer and the pressure is reduced with the help of a vacuum pump. The reduced pressure increases the rate of evaporation and increases the drying rate of the product. The dryer door is tightly shut while the steam is passed through the space between trays and the jacket so that the heat transfer occurs by conduction. Vapours from the feed are sent into the condenser and once the drying pump is disconnected the dried product is obtained from the trays.

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Bottom Line

The Vibro Sifter, Rapid Mixer Granulator, and the Vaccum Tray Dryer are types of machinery of proven reliability and with a wide variety of applications. These transformational machinery help in quick and efficient processing and offer an offer a scope, scale, and sorting process.