Pure Steam Generator

A Pure Steam Generator is recommendable for the production of pure steam. Also, pure steam should be used in place of filtered plant steam. The steam produced by a pure steam generator is used for sterilization of piping distribution systems, autoclaves, vessels, and sterile room humidification. This helps in the prevention of contamination of surfaces by particulate materials or biological and organic organisms like Pyrogens which remains ineffective in the case of plant steam.

Lodha Pharma offers a pure steam generator that is designed according to standard norms. The high quality and efficient steam generator has surpassed various steam quality tests and is a piece of reliable equipment. The working of this device is based on the principle of distillation by the process of thin-film evaporation. The generator of pure steam has a complete assurance of the generation of steam at high temperature by the usage of each and every drop of water circulated into the machinery. The column from where the steam from the plant comes out has been designed with contact maintained and contains double tube sheet construction prevents the mixing of plant steam and pure steam as a backup in case of occurance of weld joint failure within the tube sheet.