It is well known that pharmaceutical industries must have the capability to supply a large number of capsules of fine quality for medical purposes. Thus, it is only natural that they must have the requisite types of equipment to match the need. An automatic capsule filling machine is one such equipment that acts as a panacea for this problem. The machine has excellent workability and the fact that the operation is entirely automatized ensures that not a large number of workers are concentrated for one particular operation. It also ensures that the tablets produced are of the finest quality that adheres to the medical standards.

Application of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

An automatic capsule filling machine is mostly employed by pharmaceutical companies to aid with the production of hard gelatin capsules. They are used in formulation with granules, pellets, and powders either individually or in unison offering different combinations. The presence of tamping pin technology in the automatic capsule filler helps in slug formation that accurately pushes the hard gelatin capsule. A capsule filling line comprises a series of machines along with capsule filler and thus they are employed for applications by reputed pharmaceutical industries that have a requirement of manufacturing capsules in bulk. Some of the machines in the filling line are automatic capsule polishing machine, damage capsule sorter, metal detector, empty capsule ejector.
As it can be clearly observed that one of the major advantages of the capsule filling machine is that it is compatible with a large number of line machines that help in improving the quality of capsules.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machinery

Some Important Characteristics of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • The presence of turn table in the automatic capsule filling machine helps it in intercepting the dust particles from interacting with the parts of the machine.
  • Automatic capsule filling machine utilizes vacuum operation for capsule separation that results in less amount of dust to be generated in the operation. This gives it an edge over other capsule filling machines.
  • The presence of an enclosed dosing system in the automatic capsule filler ensures that the clean frequency is reduced considerably with the help of dust suction.
  • Dosing tools of the machine are very precise and it adjusts the fill weight for the capsules. It, thus, ensures that the capsules are correctly filled with their contents in order to achieve accurately filled tablets.

Some Other Line Machines Compatible With Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The capsule filling line, along with capsule filler, comprises of other equipment as well that play a major role in the quality maintenance of the tablets. An automatic capsule polishing machine helps in making the outside surface of the capsules shiny so that they can be in a more presentable form. On the other hand, an empty capsule ejector removes the capsules from the batch that are not filled with the content. This helps in faulty capsules to be detected so that they are not packaged and shipped. The damage capsule sorter is another machine that helps in regulating the quality of capsule production. It sorts the defective capsule and allows only the perfectly shaped and sized capsules to enter the hopper of the machine thus allowing for the ease of operation.

The Bottom Line: Lodha Pharma is one of the reputed names when it comes to supplying machines for pharmaceutical industries for the required operations. With a state of art manufacturing facilities available, it is ensured that the machines provided boast of supreme quality having excellent workability, durability, and elevated production rates. An automatic capsule filling machine is one such machine that finds extensive application and helps in producing high-quality capsules for medical applications.