The food and healthcare sectors are the principal users of the cutting-edge, high-efficiency automated tablet coating equipment, containing systems according to cGMP requirements It is a highly effective, energy-efficient, secure, and hygienic piece of machinery for coating tablets with sugar and film, including organic film for pills and sweets, hydrophilic coating and sugar film, etc.

What are the Specifications of Automatic Tablet Coating Machine?

If you're looking for an automatic tablet coating machine, there are some key features to look for. These features can help you increase productivity and improve your throughput.

First, make sure that the machine has the appropriate number of spray guns. This is important because it will help you ensure that the coating solution gets evenly distributed across the tablets. You should also make sure that the coating solution reaches the tablets at the proper temperature.

Another feature to look for is the air flow system. A highly efficient air flow system will help you minimize drying time. The air flow system will also ensure that your coated tablets are dry and flake-free.

Aside from the air flow system, you should also look for an immersion tube system. An immersion tube will ensure that your coated tablets are dried thoroughly.

What are Installation Requirements of Automatic Tablet Coating Machine?

There are many requirements to be met before an automatic tablet coating machine is put to work. These include the factory acceptance test, installation verification test and operational qualification test to name a few.

A tablet coater is an essential part of the drug supply chain. Not only do they ensure the quality of your pills and candies, but they are safe to boot. Having one of these machines in your lab means that you can take advantage of the latest technology while maintaining a clean and safe environment.

While the main components of an automatic tablet coater are relatively simple, the equipment used to coat the tablets is quite complex. This includes a drum that rotates in a continuous rotary motion, a roller that applies the coating material and a peristaltic pump to deliver the coating solution to the spray gun.

automatic tablet coater machine

Operating Environment of Tablet Coater

Automatic tablet coating is a process that allows manufacturers to produce uniform tablets that are free of defects and indistinguishable from the original product. This allows for a quicker turnaround time and less emission of organic solvents.

Tablet coater equipment is primarily used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is designed to apply a coat of coating material to a rotating bed of tablets.

A modern automatic tablet coater uses a programmable control system to perform the whole process automatically. The best models offer noiseless and energy efficient operation and are typically equipped with flame resistant proofs.

As a bonus, a tablet coater has a special baffled pan to ensure a smooth tumbling action of the tablet bed. For example, a Driacoater is a fancy piece of machinery that combines a rotating drum with hollow perforated ribs to introduce drying air through the back of the pan.

Safety Features of Tablet Coater Machine

If you are looking for a tablet coater for your pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, then you need to make sure that you have selected a machine that is certified for your process. You will also need to choose a machine that can help you achieve higher productivity.

A quality automatic tablet coater can provide you with safety features that can keep you safe while operating it. These features can include a spray system that can prevent waste of coating material, a touchscreen panel that makes it easy for you to use, and an automated control system that can store process instructions and help you achieve specific results.

One of the main reasons why tablet coaters are used is to enhance the appearance and taste of food and cosmetic products. They can also protect tablets against mechanical damage and reactive substances.

The Bottom Line

In automatic tablet coater, a fluid bed system suspends the tablets in a column. The main cylinder is rotated by a motorized piston. A nifty mechanism is responsible for supplying hot filtered air through the core layers at a rate of a tenth of an inch per second. An enticingly designed case is the icing on the cake. Luckily, the machine has user-friendly controls.