Rapid Mixer Granulator is extensively utilized equipment in modern pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is also known as a high-shear roller mixer and is used to evenly mix the ingredients in the desired proportion, prior to compression and pressurization. In this method of mixing ingredients, several roller drums are placed on a large surface in order to give them the required velocity during the mixing process. This particular process gives the ingredients their particular dose or quantity. Also, it reduces the cost of production and helps the companies save substantial amount of time as well.

Rapid Mixer Granulator has an external mixing chamber which has a number of spinning rollers that can be positioned above the top of the mixing chamber. This particular chamber is filled with a fluid of prescribed volume which is allowed to circulate inside the chamber. A mixing chamber like this can be either a dry room or wet room. There are some rapid mixer granulators which have two chambers.

These types of rapid mixer granulators operate with the help of a fanning system which is maintained fixed as per the requirements. The mixing rollers inside the chamber are driven by a fixed impeller. This particular type of system provides for the greatest amount of powder conversion in a short period of time. The speed at which the granulation is achieved also differs from one manufacturer to another.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Some of the other features of these granulation machines include the following. They should have an efficient working principle. The working principle determines how fast the powder reaches the breaking point. This feature enables the machine to reduce heat formation. It also ensures that the temperature does not fluctuate. Most rapid mixer granulator machines are powered by electricity.

The last feature is an impeller. An impeller increases the speed of the granulation process. The power supply for the machine is required to operate the appropriate speed. Once the speed is set, the machine will work mechanically to achieve the best results. Most rapid mixers have a separate feed chute.

Some of the major benefits of using a rapid mixer granulator include speedy tumbling motion, minimum surface damage and reduced costs. The tumbling motion is a method which aids in breaking down larger sized granules. This method can help to distribute the granular materials uniformly. The powder is evenly mixed across the surface of the tumbler which provides uniform heating. This method reduces the costs related to dry granulation process.