If you are looking for a Multi Mill, you have come to the right place. Lodha International LLP is a multi-mill manufacturer and supplier from India. The advantages of these mills are as follows: Suitable for dry and wet granulation pulverization, Compact design, and Maintenance-free. You can also find out more about their benefits from the below-mentioned sections of this article. These mills are ideal for various industrial applications.

Multi-Mill have Variable Force Swing Hammer Blades

The Multi Mill is an innovative device used for size reduction, granulation, blending, and pulverization. This self-contained machine uses knife or impact edges to rotate within the screen and has a validated screen size. It is ideal for a wide variety of industries, from food to pharmaceuticals. The blades are designed to maximize cutting force and minimize particle size, giving an output better than age-old methods.

The multi mill features variable force swing hammer blades for reducing size and ensuring the best product quality. The blades are equipped with impact or knife edges and rotate at controlled speeds, allowing the user to select the desired size of the finished product. The blade assembly is made of high-grade steel and is reinforced by special manufacturing die casting technology. It requires minimal maintenance and is easily visible.

Multi Mill

Multi Mills have Compact Design

The Compact design of the Multi Mill can facilitate the processing of large particles or lumps. The machine can be used for various applications, including grinding of ceramic products, pulverizing pesticides, emulsification of liquids, and more. Moreover, it has a wide range of process parameters to ensure precise particle sizes. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel blade, which ensures easy disassembly and cleaning.

A compact design of the Multi Mill helps in saving space. It is available in various models and features. Generally, it is used for dry pulverization of granules. The machine has a compact design, high level of automation, and stable performance. The compact design makes it easy to store and carry. Furthermore, it is very affordable and portable. The R&D Multi Mill is ideal for both wet and dry granulation, mixing, and pelletizing of various materials. The compact design allows it to be used for smaller batch sizes.

Multi Mills are Maintenance Free

Multi Mill is a powerful industrial machine used for a wide range of materials. The multi mill machine consists of a stainless steel hopper, a processing chamber, and a sturdy body. The size and shape of the beaters, as well as the speed of the hopper, determine the output quality of the final product.

The Multi Mill has an easy-to-use user interface that allows operators to change the screen easily and quickly. The mill is self-contained and is ideal for many different types of formulations. It can be used for granulation, pulverization, mixing, shredding, and even chopping. The multi mill works on the principle of size reduction and the selected screen control the reduction.

Suitable for Wet and Dry Granulation Pulverization

The multi mill is widely used in the industries that need to process lumps and small particles. This mill has a compact design and high level of automation. The mill has a stable performance and a low price. The Multi mill is very versatile and can handle a large range of materials. Moreover, the machine's compact design helps to save on power and electric bills.

The Multi Mill is suitable for both wet and dry granulation pulverization and is available in different capacities ranging. The multi mill comes with a reversible switch for easier operation.

The Bottom Line

Multi Mill is a versatile and powerful grinding equipment that can be used for different processes. The mill's swing hammer blades produce both impact and knife-edged particles. The mill's screen allows the user to control the particle size. In addition, the Multi Mill is suitable for multiple-purpose formulations in different industries.