Rotary Tablet Press offers the highest levels of speed and safety and features an all-electronic control panel. It can produce tablets up to varying diameters according to requirement and is available in different capacities and types. A number of features make it an ideal choice for any size or type of company. Read on to learn more about this machine.

Different Components of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

The parts of a rotary tablet press are equally important. The top and bottom turrets are where the tablets are deposited. The upper and lower turrets move vertically in order to contact each other, while the bottom turret moves up and down to adjust the weight. This process forms a tablet dosage. The bottom punch, which is the main component of the rotor, lifts when the press is finished.

The top head radius is responsible for making the first contact with the pressure roll. The top head angle is the angle between the outside diameter of the rotor and the top head radius. The top head flat is used to shape the tablet, while the lower punch is used for formulating the tablet. The turret's working length is the length of the press from the lowest measurable point of the tip face. The height of the top/bottom press pin is the determining factor in the thickness of the tablet.

The rotor of a rotary tablet press is crucial to the production process. Properly installed guards help ensure that tablets do not come off during the compression process. The feeder mount plate also needs to be adjusted. The top and bottom punches must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid cross-contamination. The upper track must also be properly lubricated to avoid dust and particles getting into the tablet.

Die system tooling is essential for a good product. The rotary tablet press should have upper and lower punches for proper dosing. The dies should be fitted to the hopper. The feed frame must be fixed to the machine. The hopper should contain the powder mix. Once the punches have been placed, the lower punch will move up and down the die track. The entire process should be done quickly and accurately.

Working of Rotary Tablet Press

A rotary tablet press consists of a machine head that holds the upper and lower punches. The machine head is attached to the die, which is a part of the tablet press. The machine head is connected to the turret by a fixed cam track and controls the filling and compression processes. The upper punch is in a rotary motion, while the lower punch is stationary. A rotary tablet press is a highly efficient piece of equipment, but it's vital to properly maintain it.

Bottom Line

Rotary tablet press machine from Lodha International is high-quality equipment that is created in a manner that it gives maximum efficiency and output to the different industries, especially pharmaceutical industry where it is extensively used.