Vial Powder Filling Machines are automated equipment used for filling and stopping of Vials. The machines are also equipped with safety measures to prevent breakage of Vials. These machines also feature the following features: high volumetric filling accuracy, built-in rubber stoppering unit, individual drive matching speed of filling and sealing. All motors are provided with appropriate contractors and overload protection relays. Besides, all contact parts of the machine are easy to remove for mandatory autoclaving. They also feature a digital counter to count production output.

Applications & Features of Automated Vial Powder Filling & Stoppering Machine

Vial Powder Filling Machine

Benefits of Vial Powder Filler Machine

Vial Powder Filler machine from is designed to produce pharmaceutical-grade filling solutions. The machine can produce up to many containers per hour and features 100% in-process control. It can also be equipped with upstream cleaning machines, sterilizing tunnels, and downstream capping equipment.

Vial Powder Filler is an excellent choice for the production of pharmaceutical products. The machine's hygienic design facilitates easy cleaning and provides high safety. Its proven technology ensures safe processes and gentle handling of pharmaceutical products. It also features a modular design, which allows it to be adapted to all specific production processes.

The Bottom Line

Vial Powder Filling machine is an efficient device for filling vials of powder. Its high-performance design is ideal for filling antibiotics and other highly potent drugs. The machine features a compact design and allows users to fill vials. Its production output is up to thousands vials per hour.