The Rapid Mixer Granulator is a mixing machine with a dome-shaped stainless-steel bowl. The impeller and chopper work together to mix the ingredients and produce a fine granule-like mass. The speed of the impeller and chopper is adjustable, and the speed of the chopper is what determines the granule size. The chopper is mounted at the bottom of the dome and rotates at a high speed (50 to 3000 RPM), and this gives the optimum granule size.

This equipment has a chopper, a vertical downward opening, and a pneumatic cylinder. The granulator requires 3-5 kg/cm2 of compressed air to operate. The Rapid Mixer Granulator can be used for both wet and dry blending. Regardless of the material, it has a specially profiled cutter blade that helps to make fine granules. With a range of features, the Rapid is an excellent choice for a specialized powder blending application.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is highly versatile and has many uses in the pharmaceutical and food industry. It can help to produce tablets, capsules, and other products. It has two main functions. First, it helps to create a uniform and homogenous mixture. Second, it speeds up the granulating process. And third, it reduces the overall processing time. And last, it is easy to maintain. This machine is also fireproof.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Another important feature to look for in a Rapid Mixer Granulator is its speed. The speed is controlled by a vacuum. Once the granulated materials are poured into the bowl, the vacuum will bind them. Afterward, the materials are discharged to the next process. A high-shear mixer granulator is ideal for wet granulation, because its bottom-driven Z-rotor provides optimum wet granules.

A Rapid Mixer Granulator offers wet and dry blending, as well as crushing and mixing of fluids. Its barrel-shaped blending drum has four arms and an adjustable weight zone. The system can increase or decrease its granule size, as long as the chopper has the appropriate amount of liquid binder. There are several different types of rotary shear granulators available. Once you have determined your needs, it is time to decide which type of rotary mixer is best for your needs.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is a patented agglomeration machine with three essential elements: the bowl, the chopper, and the impeller. The bowl is fixed to the machine and rotates at 1440/2880 RPM. The rotor has a cyclone granulator with a spherical shape, so it can produce a very fine granule within seconds.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is built to perform optimally and to produce uniform granules. The granules produced by a rapid mixer granulator have the right shape and density. They also can be cleaned very easily, which is a must for high-quality granules. In addition to its optimum performance, it also meets GMP standards.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Use in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry