Since there is a high demand for medicines, the production process needs to be more advanced and efficient. Industry producing tablets need machines that are fast in producing tablets in less time. The demand for a Double rotary tableting machine is more where the production of round and double-sided tablets are held. The global demand for this machine is also high because this machine can produce around 200000 pieces of tablets per hour. The machines are also capable of delivering high compression pressure.

The double-sided rotary tablet press machine is designed to facilitate this process. A double rotary tableting machine is used to produce definite and simple tablets from powdered material. It is a very much widely used machine in various sectors like Pharmaceutical, Herbal medicine producing industry, Ceramics, and other industries that are related to this industry. A double rotary tableting machine is designed to work efficiently, the machine compresses the tablets with maximum cleanliness and accessibility. Therefore this simplifies the maintenance of the Rotary compression machine. Any machine operator can easily operate the Double rotary tableting machine. There is no much hassle in its operations.

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Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine

The double-sided rotary tablet press machine is available in many specifications depending upon the requirement. Every machine has a limited production capacity; it starts from 200000 pcs- 400000 pcs of tablet per hour. The power consumption capacity of the machine also varies on every model. This machine has a motor of 7.50 horsepower. The horsepower of the motor also varies in every model of the machine.

Double-sided rotary tablet press machine comes with various operational features, which are mentioned below:

This machine maintains all the standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practices –cGMP.

  • Rotary compression machine includes a Magnetic Clutch for good engagement, providing fast and smooth operation during production.
  • The machine is very much suitable for high quantities of production.
  • For safety, interlocking guards are provided in the machine.
  • For making the machine functioning smoother and clear Internal helical gear ring and pinion drive are provided.
  • The bottom part of the Double-sided rotary tablet press machine can be easily removed for any required purpose.
  • The option for setting tablet parameters are given outside of the machine of the tableting zone.
  • To load pressure or to release any overloading accumulator cylinders are given.
  • There is an option of the continuous lubrication pump. And to lubricate the lower roll pins, one-shot lubrication pumps are added.
  • Ball bearing includes upper and lower pressure rolls
  • For an easy view of the machine hydraulic gauges are added in the lower guard.
  • This machine needs to be cleaned at an interval of time, so to facilitate the cleaning process, a separate electrical panel is provided on the front part.
  • In any emergency, you may need to stop this machine so an emergency stop button is provided to stop the machine.

This machines also come with some optional features, like:

  • Table attachment with two-layer
  • An automatic system for lubrication. This will automatically lubricate the machine.
  • You can also avail of the feature of touch screen control for machine operation.

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