In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, Rapid Mixer Granulator is the most commonly used machine. Rapid Mixer Granulator is used to mix various ingredients and make the granules before condensing. It is used during many processes of manufacturing granulating of the powder in the Pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, cosmetic manufacturing industry, generally dry and wet mixing industry. This machine is also known as a shear mixer. Two main components of the High Shear Mixer which are responsible for wet granulation are Impellers and choppers.

Impellers are attached at the bottom of the stainless steel bowl. Impellers have two full length and half-length blades which are used to lift the material and then mix them nicely. This helps to break the wet substance into small pieces.

Choppers are used to cut the large lumps of material into small parts, they consist of small blades which are located at the bottom part of the dome. The choppers rotation speed is very high i.e. (1440/2880) RPM.

Rapid Mixer Granulator - Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator
Rapid Mixer Granulator - Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator

Let us understand the application or process of working for the Rapid Mixer Granulator. This machine is distinguished by many attributes like design, maintenance, and user friendly, etc.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator performs dry blending and wet crushing by the essential plan of the exceptional four arms of the blending impeller and successions of the blending procedure in the barrel-shaped blending drum to be adjusted to associate with the base plate, accomplishing another embellishment. The blending procedure runs without fluctuating weight zone in the volume of blending items. Independently determined different choppers can viably strengthen the blending bring about specific when fluid or glue parts are included. During humidifying and grinding procedures of the items the chopper controls and manages the granular range and structure of the granules as indicated by the item, chopper shape, and time. The framework requires just little amounts of crushed fluid or glues to acquire the required grind structure. This decreases the measure of drying vitality required.

Primary Features of Rapid Mixer Granulator are as follows:

  • Fast blending and grinding
  • The machine is designed maintaining the standard of Current Good Manufacturing Practices cGMP
  • The machine maxing and grinding process is fully mechanized in a single bowl.
  • The blending and granulation process is done in a short time with high precision. The cleaning process is hassle-free.
  • To intensify the chopping and mixing of the materials, high-speed mixing impellers are attached.
  • Air tightening seal for both the shafts.

Some safety features of High Shear Mixer are:

  • The total power transmission framework of the machine is completely enclosed.
  • To confirm that the upper lid is properly closed, very limited buttons are installed
  • There is a separate switch for controlling the air pressure of the machine and air pressure limits can be set with that button.
  • There is a separate emergency stop button installed for use in any type of power overload or emergency situation.
  • The electrical and motor system of the machine is flameproof to protect the machine from fire.

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