Tube filling machines are manufactured in order to fill ointments, toothpaste and other material in a plastic tube. The tube fillers are a reliable and accurate filler system that offers clean filling of the tube at optimum speed. The role of tube filler is to measure the parameters for quality filling of tubes. The application of tube fillers is that it can be used in different manufacturing companies where the products are kept and supplied in tube form. Usually, the tube filling machine is present in pharmaceutical, food, and construction item manufacturing industries. As there are different roles played by fillers of the tube, here is everything you need to know about the tube filling machines.

Features of tube fillers

The primary feature of tube fillers is that the machine has two sealing head which are also known as single & double head. The Single head has the ability to attend 30 to 40 tubes in one time. Addition to that the double head present in the equipment can yield up to 60 to 70 tubes. Another beneficial feature of the cream filling machine is that the required electricity to operate the equipment is low, which is a preferable and power-saving point for manufacturing industries. The tube filler applies a chemical coating also known as SS cladding, which is applied to every exposed part of the machine for complete protection of the tube fillers from corrosion.

Linear Tube Filling Machine - Fully Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine

Different type of filling machine for tubes

Plastic Tube Filling Machine is a sturdy and compact machine with a working system dependent on the rotating disc with a changeable tube holder for different tube sizes. In order to function smoothly and efficiently, the machine also offers a non-return valued fitting with SS filling block. The assisting mechanism present in the equipment prevents material from trailing. Along with all the mechanisms, the plastic tube filling machine comes with a safety switch support, the system also has accuracy standards of measuring.

Aluminium tube filling machines in the industry are used for different purposes like filling different tubes of chemical & medicine. Aluminium Tube Filling is simple in design and works with a rotating disc that includes interchangeable tube sockets. This machine also has a SS made block which is directly fitted in a pneumatic device to control the trailing. The beneficial feature of the aluminium machine is that fine adjustment is present in it to measure the accurate weight and to provide the volume tracks.

Aluminium Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Advantages of tube filling machine

The Tube filling machines are used by the industrial manufacturers, as the rapid speed of the machine is an advantage in filling up products like creams and lotions in tubes, quickly. As the machine has rapid motion the production efficiency also increases. Another advantage of the tube fillers is that they are filled manually, so that tube producers get high fluctuations in the amount of filling process. The beneficial feature of the filling tube equipment is that by using the machine, the company decreases the production cost and the machine also deducts the labour workload, as well as the easy operative feature, allows the user to access the machine without learning any brief mechanism. The Tube fillers are also used to reduce the wastage of products as the leftovers of the product are collected by the machine and is used in another tube.

All above are the various and important factors that you need to know about the tube filling machine.

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