The capsule and tablet inspection machine is a standalone machine engineered to inspect medical products thoroughly before being released in the market. It performs like a conventional laboratory machine but with added features like pre-cleaning, non-contact capillary flow system and special chemical analysis capabilities. Hence, it stands out amongst other mobile machines for ensuring that there's no rejection of capsules and tablets even before it exits the manufacturing plant.

A traditional laboratory inspection process is accomplished through using non-contact rollers or a conveyor belt. In this process, a fixed conveyor belt or roller is attached to a piece of equipment which in turn moves the wheels providing a smooth flow of products along the conveyor. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted manually depending on the need. In addition to this, an operator can work on the conveyor by using hand controls. This is the most effective way to inspect tablets and capsules for accuracy and consistency. However, manual adjustments are time consuming and are not always effective.

The new Tablet Inspection Machine, on the other hand, is equipped with a ball reader, laser data acquisition camera and an electronic scanning head. This allows the operator to oversee the entire operation easily. With the help of the machine, it accurately determines any imperfection on tablets or capsules, thereby saving valuable production time. Furthermore, this automated device can also inspect the entire product range and can read the level of inaccessibility, color, shape and size of each item.

tablet and capsule inspection machine

With the assistance of Tablet Inspection Machine, pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to provide high quality standards of healthcare products to their consumers. They allow the users to easily assess the quality of medicines and other pharmaceuticals available in the market. This is a great help especially for those who are unable to check tablets or capsules for themselves.

The use of the Tablet and Capsule Inspection Machine is a step forward towards the achievement of quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry. It can help reduce wastage and improve productivity. This means lower costs as well as reduced margin. This also promotes better ergonomics, quality control and productivity improvement. In fact, the ergonomic design of the new machine has led to increased productivity as users no longer have to bend over backwards just to verify the quality of tablets or capsules.

This tablet and capsule inspection machine offers various benefits. It reduces the risks of contamination which could have been resulted from manual handling. It allows users to accurately inspect tablets for quality and safety, thereby promoting better work conditions for all concerned. It improves the efficiency of the whole manufacturing process, and allows fast turnaround of finished goods. This is why many manufacturing companies are now opting for this automated machine instead of manual systems.