Tablet Coater is a new type of manufacturing process that involves mechanical buffing of material to remove a film formation from the surface of tablet. It can be used for drying, polishing and sealing. A tablet coater machine is designed to make a smooth, even coating of tablet by an aqueous, mechanical or an organic solvent. It is mostly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Tablet Coater is a very important part of the overall drying process for manufacturing tablets. This ensures quality and better product performance. It also ensures better adherence to quality control requirements for tablets. The equipment has a very high degree of efficiency in performance and also adheres to the quality controlling standards. This makes it an important equipment for manufacturing tablets in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food additive, Nutrition, Personal and cosmetic, etc.

Automatic Tablet Coater is one of the most vital equipment for drying tablets. In the past, manual equipments were used for tablet coating machines. But the present time's technology makes it possible for the companies to produce automatic tablet coaters and dry them in minimum time. The best part is that the production of these automatic tablet coating machines is done at a lower cost than manual methods.

automatic tablet coater machine

There are different types of automatic tablet coater available for different purposes. Among them the most common types are those that use electricity, propane, hydraulic pressure, air and oil for powering the rotator and deflector. These types of equipment are operated by a series of electric brushes. There are also some automatic tablet coaters that use oil for power and heat.

There is another type of automatic tablet coater which is an aqueous coating machine. This is used for creating sealants, penetrations and coatings, especially for food and medical applications. This type of equipment is generally used for large scale manufacturing processes like pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic, nutrition, etc. Most of these equipment operate using an electric motor, while some use an internal combustion engine for the purpose.

The automatic tablet coater machine should be properly qualified to serve the purpose it has been designed for. If you wish to buy an efficient equipment, you can go for a manufacturer that offers you a good warranty period, as well as a good returns policy. Moreover, you should make sure that the machine you buy comes with the complete equipment bundle or kit including the appropriate spray nozzles. The complete package will help you complete your work faster.