Vibro Sifter is a unique product that separates material by size using a rotating drum or rotating plate. The material then separates based on its size. Once the magnetic field invokes rotation, the material separates based on its size and particle size (the particles have different charges). This type of separation process is used in many industries where materials need to be sorted and separated based on size and material type. Some industries use this technology on a daily basis for the transportation of materials.

In the medical industry we have machines that can separate small particles from large particles in a similar way as the vibro sifter only this time the technology is much smaller. The machine works on the same principle of gyrations creating separation. In the case of the vibro sifter, the material is divided based on its size. When the magnetic field activates the rotating plate, vibration is created in the mesh screen creating the material to travel through the sieve-like material generating smaller particles based on their size.

A vibrating sifter machine is very versatile. Many industries and various industries utilize this type of technology in their everyday operations. Some examples are the packaging industry, the photography industry, the food industry, and the biomedical industry. They all use similar methods of separation where the materials travel in a suspended bed or mesh suspension with the vibrating motor running on either electricity or magnet power. Most of the time a vibrating sifting machine is attached to the receiving device through metal pipes or wires so the motor can be placed near to the receiving area.

Vibro Sifter - Lab Vibro Sifter Machine

If you are wondering how the vibrating sifter is operated then here is how it is done. The motor starts up and starts the spinning action that excites the metal particles in the mesh screen. If there is a lower density in the material the particles travel through this area at a faster speed. The stronger the motor is, the faster the particles travel. This motion is what causes the product to vibrate.

To make sure the machine runs smoothly, the vibro sifter runs through a complete cycle before feeding the wire mesh screen material. During the first pass, this is a fine tuning process that fine tunes the material for proper separation. During the second pass the separation is completed. If any problems are encountered during this process then it is simple to stop and correct the problem. A weak or broken wire mesh screen material can easily break and cause the separation to occur. To check the wire mesh size, simply touch the top of the component with your finger nail to the inside of the component.

A vibro sifter machine is an important part of any food preparation process. It allows you to process more particles while utilizing less overall power to do so. This means the machine itself is more mobile and can quickly move from one area to another. These small but powerful machines are designed to make food preparation as easy and precise as possible.