The Mass Mixer is a powerful piece of equipment used to mix a single mass. This machine features a rigid fabricated structure and two discharge tubes, one inside and one outside. The inside discharge tube contains tiny particles while, the outside discharge tube is connected to the exterior of the mixing container.

About Mass Mixer

The mass mixer has a single speed, and is designed to effectively blend dry and wet materials. The drum is tilted to achieve thorough mixing. The tilting device makes it easy to clean and maintain. The motor-driven Mass Mixer has a safety switch to prevent accidental operation of the device. When the cover is opened, the safety switch will shut off the machine, and avoid any potential injury. The Mass Mixer has a high-efficiency rate. Its design can be customized, according to the bulk density of the material. There are several models of Mass Mixers. Some of them have more than one discharge port, which means they are ideal for mixing materials with varying densities.

Features of Mass Mixer

Depending on the capacity, the Mass Mixer can be configured to mix powder of Ayurvedic and chemical materials. The mixer has a single speed, and different models can handle up varying weights from 25kg-300kg of material. The rotor has an acrylic dust cover that allows you to see the mixing process. You can easily load and unload the processed material through the tilting mechanism. The plastic dust cover is equipped with an interlocking system.

This mixer is easy to use and has a streamlined appearance. It is equipped with a stainless steel fabricated frame and a stirring blade arrangement. Its patented self-adjusting sealing system ensures that, no black particles enter the mixing drum. A tilting mechanism is provided for easy loading and unloading of material. A tilting mechanism is fitted to enable you to easily remove the contents of the mixer after it has finished mixing.

Applications of Mass Mixer

The Mass Mixer is a versatile piece of machinery that is used to mix both dry and wet materials. Its precision engineering makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its dual-speed function helps in blending and granulating sticky ingredients. A single-speed model is suitable for most applications. It is designed to mix wet and dry materials.

Bottom Line

The Mass Mixer can be customized to meet your specific needs. Its single-shaft assembly is ideally suited for tablet granulation. It has a safety switch to protect against over-heating. It can be used in any environment and requires less space. It is also very versatile, so it can be used in any type of application. If you have special requirements, we can customize the mass mixer for your needs. All you need to do is place the batch into the mixing chamber.