The Mini Fluid Bed Dryer is a small tabletop unit that offers a large variety of features for the production of fine powders, dry materials, and other products. Its airflow control is controlled by an internal fan, and a high-pressure hot air stream is introduced at the base of the product container. This creates full agitation of solid particles, providing ideal drying conditions. A blower is used to create an induced draught, allowing the material to lose moisture and become a more uniform texture.

Features of Mini Fluid Bed Dryer

The Mini Fluid Bed Dryer has a depth of three inches and can accommodate batches ranging from 1-500 kgs. The capacity of a fluid bed dryer depends on the speed of conveying materials. Its design incorporates a shock-proof system and interchangeable bowls, allowing it to be used for a variety of materials.

The Mini Fluid Bed Dryer is a versatile and affordable device for drying pharmaceutical powders and granules. The smallest model is ideal for a laboratory or pilot scale environment and is compact and easy to transport. The Mini Fluid Bead Dryer is capable of drying both granules and powders at a fast rate.

Applications of Mini Fluid Bed Dryer

The Mini Fluid Bed Dryer is designed for granules and granular materials. It is highly efficient and has many advantages over other drying methods. Its modular design allows for easy discharging of the dried product, and the negative pressure system allows for precise temperature control. The Mini Fluid Bead Dryer is also available in a standard design. Its advanced control system and negative pressure system make it suitable for a variety of applications, including coating and granulation.

The Fluid Bed Dryer is an efficient solution for drying wet, sticky, and coarse materials. It is made of a steel bed that moves hot air in an upward direction, causing the material to lose moisture over a period of time. It is the perfect option for sample preparation, quality control, and RD departments. The Mini Fluid-Bed Dryer is a great way to reduce bulk materials without overheating.

Bottom Line

The Mini Fluid Bed Dryer is an ideal solution for many different industrial applications. Fluidized bed processors are often used for drying, granulating, coating, drying of powders, mixing of powders, agglomeration, and palletizing in the pharmaceutical, dairy, chemical, food, and other related sectors. Its unique design makes it possible to accommodate a variety of sizes and types of material. With its fast operation and precision-built design, it is an efficient solution for dry materials. It is also suitable for process applications, such as R&D, RD, and synthesis. Its features are comprehensive and flexible, which helps it achieve consistent results.