Indian pharmaceutical industry is booming at a steering pace making its own position in the international market. It is becoming one of the largest producers of generic drugs. Effectiveness of the medicines, easier availability and its low cost makes it the number one choice among the foreign customers.
In 2017, the overall market size was calculated up to US $ 33 billion.
Pharmaceutical exports often include bulk drugs, intermediates, formulations, biologicals, ayurvedic products, etc. Therefore there is a lot of scope for the companies to flourish which are related to this sector. There are few companies that manufacture medicines, but there are few who might provide other manufacturing services to the other drug manufacturing companies. One such company is Lodha International.
This company supplies machines that are further deployed in the manufacturing process.

The machines include powder filling, capsule filling, vial filling machine, vial washing, process equipment, sterilization equipment, etc.

Among these machines, one beneficial machine is semi automatic capsule filling machine.

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Medicines these days are available in pellet or capsule form. Some medicines can be taken in pellet form while there are some which can only be consumed in capsule form. The capsule contains granules or gel form of medicines which is broken down and then absorbed by the body.
Therefore, there is a requirement for bulk manufacturing of capsules. It can only be achieved through machines. There are automatic, semi automatic and manual capsule filling machines available in the market.

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Line

Difference Between Automatic And Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

In automatic capsule filling machine, the empty capsules are fed in the holes and are placed in the track. The other half of the capsule is inserted into the upper portion of the machines. Capsules are separated by the vacuum created within the machine.
Once the capsule gets separated by the vacuum, the inner ingredient in powder form is filled in one end of the capsule, pressed by an internal pin and then both the portions are brought together to synthesize one capsule.

On the other hand, semi automatic capsule filling machine is as effective as the automatic but it is used in medicines that require varying degrees dosage of granules or powder. Semi automatic machines are used when there is high precision required with the number of granules or a specific amount of powder to be filled in the capsule.
The machines are generally made up of stainless steel and can give an efficient output of around 25,000 to 47,0000caosules per hour. However, the number can future a little bit owing to the machine’s efficiency and the operator's skills.
The semi automatic capsule filling machine comprises of an automatic conveyor belt which helps capsules to shift to the polishing machine. This process doesn't require any human intervention. It has a pump inside which creates the vacuum and pulls out the ready to use capsules. The distorted capsules automatically get rejected from the final output.


These machines are mostly used for every other capsule manufacturing which requires precision in terms of dosage. The only difference between the automatic and semi automatic comes when there is capsule manufacturing of different dosages. Automatic machines can manufacture the same types of capsules repeatedly but in the semi automatic the operator can control the amount and weight of filling inside the capsule.

The Bottom Line

Lodha International  LLP is one of the leading machinery manufacturers for the Pharma Industry. It caters to the needs of small, medium turnkey projects in the pharma, chemical, and biotech industry. It was established in the year 2008 having the head office in Ahmedabad and since one glorious decade, it has been serving the needs of its clients with utmost care and efficacy.