A rapid mixer granulator is a high-precision tool used for dry grinding and wet granulation of materials/ingredients in the same tub.

High-quality quick mixer granulators are needed to avoid segregation of powder, to prepare material for compression or to enhance flowing characteristics.

For certain situations, you can notice people referring to fast mixer granulators as:

1. Small shear granules

2. Large shear granulator controller

3. Strong scissor mixer.

Various Rapid Mixer Granulator

  • Rapid mixer Granulator

Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator is built for the mixing of materials and wet granulation efficiently for the production of capsules and tablets. This powerful system ensures efficiency of blending, continuity of granule size, and reduction of cycle time. These are called Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator.

Rapid Mixer Granulator - Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator
  • Wet Granulation for Tablet

Wet granulation method is a phase of expansion in which small powder particles are agglomerated or mixed into a bigger, solid and fairly permanent form called Wet Granulation, for Tablet utilizing suitable nontoxic granulating fluids such as water, isopropanol or ethanol.

  • Wet Granulation for Capsule

Wet granulation for the capsule is a process of enlargement from which the solvent is added to the excitation content to obtain agglomeration or granules. It is the oldest and most popular form of capsule manufacturing. It is also the type of option when high-dose drugs have to be packed.

Rapid Mixer Granulator - Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator

Why wet granulation is done?

Wet granulation requires massaging a combination of dried primary powder crystals with a granulating agent (the method of applying a liquid solution to the material). As a consequence, regulating the volume of solvent, binder, and mechanical motion helps one to regulate the intensity and consistency of the granule. And there are two forms of granulation, Wet Granulation for Tablet and Wet Granulation for Capsule.

Factors to remember before importing fast mixer granulators

Whenever you want to import pharmaceutical items, such as fast mixer granulators, you need to consider a few essential things. Those contain the following:

  1. Identify the legal and effective producers of fast mixer granulators.
  2. Shipping and storage, such as delivery system, rates, freight costs, etc.
  3. Replacement components and municipal officials needed to help in maintenance of the unit.
  4. Maintenance and technical assistance.

Evaluate the configuration of the rapid mixer granulator

You need to determine the overall functionality of the rapid mixer granulator. It is because it would affect the performance of the whole operation.

  1. Granulation jar or tank tub
  2. Impellers concept
  3. Creation of Chopper
  4. Meaning of Sealing
  5. Mechanism of driving
  6. Discharge of granules
  7. Core and configuration of the unit
  8. Frilling granules
  9. Spray Pump
  10. Electrical and monitor panels

High shear granulator plays an important function in the agglomeration of metal, powder for further refining or as a finished component. This is a central tool in pharmaceutical companies.

The key considerations to be addressed when importing rapid mixer granulators include product requirements, equipment, and technological criteria. Evaluating these considerations is a rigorous and gradual method that involves flexibility and an in-depth understanding of the process of powder granulation.

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