The capsule filling machine enjoys huge demand in pharmaceutical applications. These days, majority of the people prefer to intake medications in the form of capsules. As a result, a huge demand for capsules has been created for pharmaceutical industries. Lodha Pharma offers different types of capsule filling machine to cater to the needs of pharmaceutical companies. Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual capsule filling machine are the types of capsule filling machine that are currently the most common machines for this operation. The production rate varies with the model and hence the machines are preferred as per the desired application.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The automatic capsule filling machine has the potential of filling the entire range of gelatin capsule sizes with powder, pellets, and granules at high accuracy. These ingredients can either be filled separately or in all possible combinations. The automatic capsule filler makes use of tamping pin technology that helps in slug formation. The slug, thus formed, is inserted in a hard gelatin capsule to ensure improved accuracy. There is a provision of a vacuum cleaning station for segment clean-up in each cycle. Automatic capsule filling machine has its frame built using stainless steel 316/304 that imparts it a sturdy structure.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Semi-automatic capsule filling machine is mostly preferred for precision manufacturing requirements in modern pharmaceutical practices. It provides a higher degree of automation with an elevated level of filling weight accuracy. This machine is also felicitous for filling capsules of all sizes with powder, granules, or pellets. Semi-automatic capsule filler has been developed as per the GMP standards that provide an assurance of durability and reliability. It has a stainless steel covering and has the competency to produce an output rate of 25000 to 47000 capsules per hour. The operation starts with capsules being loaded into the hopper. The powders are loaded into a separate corkscrew driven hopper that ensures a constant fill throughout each capsule.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Manual capsule filling machine differs from the automatic capsule filling machine as it is preferred for small scale applications. It has the ability to open, fill and close capsules at a rate of 300 per cycle and can accommodate various different sizes of capsule with the help of change parts. Manual capsule filler is designed and developed in a manner as to handle difficult powders & products. It can be completely disassembled that provides ease of cleaning and maintenance. The fact that stainless steel 304 is used for the construction of the machine makes it suitable for prolonged operations. As a result, it is capable of producing 8000 capsules per hour.

Manual Capsule Filler Machine

The manual capsule filling machine, as the name suggests, differ from automatic capsule filling machine with their method of operation. Although, manually operated and a low production rate, the manual machine is extensively used for small batch operations due to its ability to perform highly precise operations.

For high output requirments in medium scale plants, one can use automatic capsule loader or manual capsule loader in combination with manual capsule filling machine to load capsules automatically on loading tray of capsule filling machine. It double the production output and also saves the time to load the capsules.

The Bottom-Line: Lodha pharma supplies and manufactures high quality machinery for pharmaceutical applications. We offer a wide variety of capsule line machines that have an increased rate of productivity. Automatic capsule filling machine and manual capsule filling machine are the two machines that are highly preferred for application in industries. They differ in their method of operation and production rate.