The capsule line comprises of a series of equipments that are responsible for producing capsules required in the pharmaceutical applications. It contains several machines like capsule filling machine, capsule conveying system, capsule inspection & polishing machine, empty capsule ejector, damage capsule sorter, capsule counting & filling machine, capsule printing machine. All the aforementioned equipments are responsible for producing the capsules with suitable medicinal content. Capsules, these days, find extensive application as most of the people prefer to intake medication in the form of tablets. Hence, it is very necessary to manufacture the capsules or tablets with utmost precision, free from any aberrations or adulterants.

Equipments in the Capsule Line

·    Capsule Conveying System: Capsule conveying system is used for transferring capsules from one station to another. The tablets or capsules are brittle in nature and have a tendency to get damaged due to their fragility. Lodha Pharma supplies capsule conveying system has a capacity of transferring up to 48000 capsules/hour. The machine must be durable having superior finished surface.

·    Capsule Filling Machine: Capsule filling machine is the principal equipment of the entire filling line responsible for filling the capsules with their content. The filling machine can be further divided into three types based on operation- manual capsule filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, High-speed capsule filling machine. These machines are highly accurate machine and perform the filling machine with precision to maintain the integrity of the product. They also ensure minimal wastage, as the powders are very costly to produce.

Capsule Filling Machinery

·    Capsule Inspection & Polishing Machine: Capsule inspection machine checks for any aberrations in the capsules after they are filled. It removes the poor quality capsules from the batch to ensure a good quality lot. The machine also inspects whether there are empty capsules or not that may not have been filled with the powdered content in the filling machine.
The capsule polishing machine uses the rotating brush to clean the capsules after they are filled. In the polishing chamber, capsules are fed that houses a rotating spiral brush to remove the powder particles stuck on the outer surface of capsules.

Capsule Inspection & Polishing Machine

·    Empty Capsule Ejector: An empty capsule ejector is used to sort out empty capsules from the batch. It works on the principle of airflow force. After airflow is applied at considerable pressure, the filled capsules fall straight down, whereas empty capsules are ejected outside.

·    Damage Capsule Sorter: Damage capsule sorter is a machine that is specifically designed to sort out capsules that are loose or diametrically defective. Such capsules damage the integrity of the entire batch. The damage capsule sorter is a versatile equipment and can be coupled with any machine.

·    Capsule Counting & Filling Machine: Capsule counting & filling machine is used for capsule counting on a small scale. The application includes in industries like Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical’s, Cosmetics, Herbal and Ayurvedic. The machine is integrated with the filler, hopper, and a vacuum system that provides a dust free passage of stocks to the container.

Capsule Counting & Filling Machine

·    Capsule Printing Machine: Capsule printing machine is an utility equipment that is used for axial printing on the capsules. The printing done is of different variety and specifications and the entire operation is fast, adaptable, and high quality. This machine is capable of printing on different sized capsules and tablets.

Capsule Printing Machine

The Bottom-Line: Lodha Pharma is widely known in the market for providing optimum quality machines for pharmaceutical industries. The manufacturing facilities boast of all the modern equipments that are responsible for producing the machines that have high efficiency and good workability.

The capsule filling line machine provided by our company comprises many line equipments that make the entire process precise and error free.