The capsules are produced using a capsule line machine for various pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications. A capsule filling machine can be of three types- manual, semi-automatic, & automatic depending upon the operation. The rate of filling the capsules with the powdered content differs with the manual, semi-automatic, & automatic operation. The automatic operation offers the highest production rate and should be employed for bulk applications.

Different Types of Capsule Filling Machine

·    Manual Capsule Filling Machine: The manual capsule filling machine is highly suitable for small to medium size production. This filling machine for capsules mostly finds application in industries like-pharmacies, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Herbal and dietary supplement industry. It is a hand-operated machine and can fill as well as close hard gelatin capsules with powder & pellets. This capsule line machine has the ability to open, fill and close capsules at a rate of 300 per cycle. The manual capsule filling machine has an advantage of handling a plethora of capsules. Hence, its versatility provides an edge over other machines for industrial applications. The manual capsule filling machine is provided with a capsule loader to save time and labour. It aids in yielding higher production rate with improved accuracy. The capsule loader automatically loads the empty capsule in the loading plate for manually operated capsule filling machine and is an ideal choice for medium and large scale pharmaceutical applications.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

·    Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine: The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is specially designed for modern pharmaceutical procedures for the precise manufacturing requirements. This machine gives increased accuracy level of filling weight apart from having a higher degree of automation. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is adept at filling capsules of all sizes with powder, granules, or pellets. In this machine, the capsules are first loaded into the hopper. The powders, on the other hand, are loaded on a separate hopper. This is a corkscrew driven hopper that provides an assurance of constant fill through each capsule. The machine is provided with a vacuum in order to separate the capsules. By pulling the loading rings, the bottom section is released which is then placed into the filling part of the machine. The corkscrew then pushes the powdered material into the capsules evenly.

·    Automatic Capsule Filling Machine: An automatic capsule filling machine is a high speed capsule filling machine that has the capacity of filling up 90000 capsules per hour with different variants of powder formulation. It is known for precise filling operation of the entire range of hard gelatin capsules with powder, pellets, and granules. The machine comes with a tamping pin technology that aids in slug formation that is later inserted into the hard gelatin capsule for enhanced accuracy. Automatic capsule filling machine is equipped with a programmable logic controller for machine control.
Another machine that is in heavy demand by the pharmaceutical companies is the automatic capsule counting & filling machine. This machine is mostly suitable for plastic and glass bottles. It is mostly used for the purpose of capsule counting on a small scale in industries like Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical’s, Cosmetics, Herbal and Ayurvedic.