With the increase in pandemic at current rate the major responsibilities fall upon our doctors – the corona warriors. And with these issues arising various roles increase too. The role to maintain sanitation and cleanliness keeps on increasing. It becomes an important task to sanitize each and every equipment whether they are used in Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories or by the doctors and this is where the sterilization equipment come in.

Just the way we sanitize ourselves, the surgical equipment and Pharma machinery used every now and then also need to be sanitized. But in medical terms we prefer to call it sterilization.

In layman terms, the surgical instruments or pharmaceutical equipment cannot be sanitized by humans due to exposure to large extent towards germs and bacteria, the medical department uses various methods to decontaminate the previously used equipments.

Now that we have understood the importance of decontamination, we shall move towards the briefing of various products used in Pharmaceutical and Medical industry for this process.

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

The term ETO in the name ETO Sterilizer accessory stands for Ethylene Oxide. The Ethylene Oxide as the name suggests, is a gas and this also clarifies that this might a kind of gas sterilizer.

Did you think so?

If you did, you are correct! The Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers are gas sterilizers which are used to clean various surgical instruments and materials which cannot endure excessive moisture or are heat sensitive. This product has survived the market since last four decades and is still growing to be used. This product plays a major role in sanitizing many one-time use medical devices. This sterilizer works on vacuum-based process which makes it capable to penetrate most of the surface of particular medical equipment. The ETO processing works at low temperature due to involvement of vacuum thereby making it suitable for those items which cannot bear to survive at high temperature.

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Many other apparatuses used in Pharma and Medical industry, which are required to be treated with more than just gases. They need to be heated to remove bacteria and pyrogens which affect the instruments and may end up degrading the quality. This has become popular worldwide due to their effectiveness in cleansing the products.

Over the period, it has turned out to be effective in two manners:

Dry Heat Sterilizer
  • Sterilizing small instruments such as syringes, ampoules, etc
  • For the process of depyrogenation which include removing pyrogens from solutions comprising of injectable pharmaceuticals.

The dry heat sterilizer again is of two types depending on the requirement are:

  • The static-air type
  • The forced-air type

The static-air type is more time consuming as compared to the forced air type.

If you opt for dry heat sterilizer you may benefit in the following ways:

  • It does not harm the environment since it is completely based on heat
  • It is easy to install and is user-friendly
  • It costs comparatively low
  • It penetrates the materials thus providing the best service.

Bung Washer cum Processor

This device is responsible for the sterilizing of bungs. The bungs are mainly utilized for stoppering vials and it becomes necessary to sterilize them since they come directly in contact with the final product.

Bung Washer cum processor provides the benefit of multiple tasks done together from a single equipment. It includes sterilization and washing within a single tool. Within it includes multiple processes as per its normal wash sequences which is preset and is directly sent for sterilization in the final HPHV cycle. After this the bungs can be guaranteed as completely sterilized and can be passed on further usage.

All these processes are completed in this single bung washer cum processor and ensures complete decontamination of the bungs.

Bung Washer Cum Processor

Sterilizing and depyrogenation tunnel

This instrument is used to sterilize Pharmaceutical glassware such as vials. Sterilizing and depyrogenation tunnel tool again uses hot air for the process of sterilization. It is designed in such a manner that it completely assures a smooth transition for the preparation of vials. It is packed on to stainless steel mesh belt and carried through all different kinds of hot and cool zones. It has a system which not only monitors the transition, but also controls the pressure to poured at different points.

Sterilizing & Depyrogenation Tunnel

Pure Steam Generator

Pure steam generators work on the principle of producing clean and pure steam. The steam produced from the pure steam generators as the name suggests is saturated steam produced from additive -free water and is dry but not overheated. Clean steam produced from this apparatus should be used in times when the equipment has come directly or indirectly in contact with any pharmaceutical device. For sterilization in such cases the clean steam results to be a great option.

Many steps are taken to maintain sanitization of the device which has been treated such as avoiding crevices which may result in stagnation and further help evolving bacterial growth. To avoid all of this proper care is taken. This is the most ideal method for carrying out pasteurization of things such as autoclaves, tanks, pipe systems, etc.

Super-heated water spray sterilizer

This type of sterilizer works on the principle of moist-heat sterilization under the counter pressure. They are fitted with water re-circulation through sanitary pump. The spray system inside it is used to heat up and cool down the products which need to be purified. Due to all these properties, it becomes the prominent choice for decontaminating infusion products, large volumes of liquids sealed in glass or plastic containers.

This type of sterilizer is used to disinfect parenteral solutions or liquids in sealed containers. They are also used for terminal antisepticising of pre-filled syringes.

There are many other equipments used in the market as per the requirement. Many of them can be customized as per the demand too. And the most important aspect that matters is that the process of sterilization should be carried out effectively.