Pharma Industry is one of the opportunistic industries in the world today. With a major chunk of the world’s population relying on better healthcare facilities in order to increase the life expectancy rate. There has been an enormous growth in the pharma sector in the past decade, which has been possible due to the technological advancement in the field of research and development for new drug discovery. So, it becomes necessary to focus on the lab equipment too that play a silent yet important role. The article focuses on the role played by such lab equipment in a pharmaceutical plant.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Vs. Lab Equipment

A plethora of lab equipment accounts for the overall manufacturing of medicines. Lab equipment includes lab mixer, lab dryer, Lab kneader, Lab spheronizer, Lab colloid mill, lab Blender, etc.

The lab mixer has been designed for dry mixing of powders, granulates and fiber particles that contain products. A homogenous mixture in the ratio of 1:100000 can be mixed thoroughly within a few minutes with the help of a lab mixer. It is not as huge as the commercial or industrial mixer that is used for large scale preparation. It has an operating capacity of 3 to 4 liters. The lab mixers are made from stainless steel and fitted with a removable cover for loading and unloading tasks. Rest is the same with Pharmaceutical mixers except the size and capacity.

Lab Dryer is used in removing any moisture content such as the presence of water droplets or a chemical stuck on to the lab glassware. Lab dryers were invented to serve the purpose of primary cleaning, washing and drying the glass or plastic used for lab experiments. Pharmaceutical dryers, on the other hand, serves a similar purpose, but it is used to remove moisture from the product ingredients.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Manual Capsule Filling Machine
Lab Equipment - Sterile Washing Machines/Multijet Ampoule Vial Washing Machine

Importance and Role of Lab Equipment

Lab equipment is meant for experimental use, therefore, they have a different role as compared to plant equipment. The operating quantity and size of the equipment are very different, here they are much smaller in sizes. Any new drug discovery has to be performed inside the laboratory under strict environmental conditions. An aseptic environment, free of microorganisms and free from any sort of chemicals is ensured. These lab equipment are thus crucial for this purpose. They help in performing the same task at the small scalar operations. Once the medicine or drug is tested, certified and applied for patent rights, the research and development wing gives a nod to the company to start with the production at a mass level.

Lab equipment is not designed for automatic mass production, rather it is specially designed to conduct experiments in order to enhance the quality of the drugs. Such experiments help the company in ensuring that the best drug reaches its clients as well as people and the company earns maximum profits. Therefore, inventions and discoveries should always be encouraged in Pharma Companies to make advances in the drug and help in the overall well being of society.