Powder filling machines are one of the essential equipment to be used in Pharmaceuticals or cosmetics Industries. There are multiple degrees of variation in the powder filling machines that are available and are molded as per the need. Any machinery manufacturing company offers two different types of powder filling machines- dry syrup filling machine and injectable powder filling machine to fill Sterile Powder, Injectable Powder, Dry Powder, Aspetic Powder etc.. To further subcategorize these machines, automatic and semi automatic versions are available too. This article discusses further on application of this machine in various nations.

Powder filling machine and its market in the USA

The powder filling machines are quite effective and time savers when it comes to the efficiency of getting work done. The use of an injectable dry powder filling machine is highly suited for the pharmaceutical industries to fill up the vials.

The USA is a bigger player in the Pharmaceutical segment bagging almost all of the top companies. There is a huge market for the manufacturing of medicines, capsules, etc. for Hospitals. Together with Canada and Mexico, it represents the biggest continental pharma market in the world. Therefore it creates an opportunity for the increased usage of the powder filling machine. Another aspect of the demand for these machines is with cosmetic Products. Again, the cosmetic product market is huge in terms of numbers.

Single Auger Powder Filling Machine
Double Head Auger Powder Filling Machine
Semi Automatic Injectable Powder Filling Machine

Powder filling machine and its market in France

France is the second European country to bag the next major market potential for the Pharma segment. The French Pharma market has grown up to 17 % from 2000- 2010. According to data published by GlobalData, the French pharmaceutical market is expected to stand at $48.2 billion by 2020. Such a huge growth is forecasted mostly because of the enhanced focus on generic drugs. An aging population, a substantial skilled workforce, and a high healthcare expenditure, etc. are the possible factors for the growing market in France. Apart from France, other European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, etc. the Pharmaceutical equipment have a huge potential to tap to make it a successful business.

Powder filling machine and its market in the Middle East

The Middle East pharma market is in the growing stage. Saudi Arabia, among the other nations has seen a tremendous increase in the last few years and now the middle east nations are expected to contribute a market cover of US $ 60 million by 2025 to the global share.

There are various factors behind the trend that are demographics and an increase in life expectancy is believed to drive this demand in the Middle East. In the coming ten years, the average share of the population would be over 65 years and it will continue to grow at a rate of 4% which again backs the demand for pharma products.

The Bottom Line

The overall dependence of an aging population on life sustaining medicines drives the growth of the Pharmaceutical segment. Therefore, the equipment used in the manufacturing of these medicines and even cosmetic products to some extent can very well flourish in the coming years.