Automatic Strip Packing Machine

Automatic Strip Packing Machine Model LI-ST is designed with advanced features considering the needs of the Pharmaceutical Packng Industry. Automatic Strip Packing Machine delivered unmatched performance at a high speed and low maintenance. It is most suitable for the sealing of uncoated or coated tablets, capsules, or lozenges of different shapes and sizes in various materials such as aluminium foils, cellophane, polythene, or any other type of heat sealing material.

Strip Packing Machine Model LI-ST is equipped with PLC human interface and frequency converter. Along with its beautiful style, it is easy to operate and highly durable. Moreover, it is made as per the GMP standards.

This high tech strip packer machine effectively executes feeding, sealing, slitting and cutting simultaneously. As a result of its versatility and efficiency, labour cost is reduced, which ultimately leads to lower production cost. The automatic strip packing machine is specially designed for handling a wide range of products with high precision and speed. It has a robust construction as all the contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 316. The automatic strip packing machine is ideal for various heat sealable packing laminates. Moreover, it is very easy to replace the change parts of this machine. This advanced machine is a synonym of excellent performance and unmatched quality

The automatic strip packing machine is used for the quality packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industry. These automatic strip packing machines are built on advanced technology in order to fulfil the mandatory requirements of any pharmaceutical packing industry. These automatic strip packing machines gives high speed and uninterrupted performance at a low maintenance budget. These automatic packaging machines are the ideal choice of every pharmaceutical industry for sealing of different types of coated and uncoated tablets, capsules or lozenges of any shape and size by using different kinds of packaging materials like aluminium foils, polythene, cellophane and other efficient heat sealing materials that can be used to pack up tablets & capsules without affecting their properties. The beneficial feature of these strip packing machine is that automatic feeding, sealing, and cutting of the packets can be done simultaneously. This is a high-efficiency machine that decreases the production cost and can boost the production level of the factory. This automatic strip packing machine is multi-taskers which can handle 2-3 tasks on its own which will decrease the workload of the labourers. These automatic packing machines are easy to control, which means anyone can learn the operative mechanism of the machine instantly. The exterior of the machine is made up of solid stainless steel, which makes the machine rust-free. These machines can be dismantled easily, so cleaning and servicing of the machine is not an issue. The parts of these strip packing machines are easily replaceable. By using these automatic strip packaging machines, industries will not only get faster package sealing of products but on the other hand, they can also save a huge amount of labour cost.

Salient Features of Automatic Strip Packing Machine:

  • Automatic Feeding, Sealing, Slitting and Cutting are done simultaneously. Therefore, its efficiency is high, meaning production cost is decreased due to reduction of labour cost.
  • Automatic Feeding, Sealing, Slitting and Cutting
  • Reduction in labour cost and reduced production cost
  • Models in the range from 2 tracks to 10 tracks and 40mm to 300mm sealing width.
  • Take off conveyors of various sizes for conveying strips
  • Customised to different sizes and shapes.
  • It can handle for different heat sealable packing laminates.
  • Digital Temperature control.
  • Electrical motor ideal for 415 V/ 380 V/ 3 PH/ 50 CS/ AC Supply.
  • All contacts parts are SS316.
  • PLC Control panel (Optional)
  • In compliance with cGMP.
  • The change parts can easily replace.

Strip Packing Machie Flow Chart:

  • Vibrator: It conveys the products through supply tablets to the Chute.
  • Chute: It grips various pieces and centres them so that they can enter in to the sealing Roller.
  • Sealing Roller: The Sealing Roller temperature can be effectively maintained because of the precise temperature control device.
  • Slitting: it is easy to adjust the column number and location of the slitting.
  • Draw Brushes: Tense the strip and ensure that the Sealing and Cutting is precise.
  • Cutter: The row number of cutting can be adjusted as per the need.

Technical Specifications for Automatic Strip Packing Equipment:

Drive Motor: 0.5 HP 3 Phase 415 Volts 50Hz
Net Weight :450.000 Kgs.
Gross Weight: 750.000 Kgs.
Dimension: 1000(L) X 850 (W)X 1850 (H) MM

StRip Packer Models Available

Model: LI-ST 4 Track 6 Track 8 Track 10 Track 12 Track
Foil Width 145 mm 210 mm 260 mm 280 mm 310 mm
Output/Min 600-1200 1200- 1800 1800-2500 2250 – 3125 2700 - 3750

What is Strip Packing Process?

The strip packing process involves the packaging of the pharmaceutical products like capsules and tablets between two sheets of aluminium foils, cellophane, polyethylene, or any other type of heat sealing material. In this process the products are sealed inside the specially designed pockets created in two moving foil sheets.

Benefits of Strip Packing Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • More user-friendly packaging option in comparison of bottled capsules and tablets
  • A cost-effective packaging option
  • A secure packaging method for the protection of pharmaceuticals
  • Easy to consume a single capsule or tablet without touching other tablets

Advantages of Automatic Strip Packing Machine

  • Easy and smooth operation
  • High strength and efficient performance
  • Easy maintenance and long service life
  • Ideal for heat sealable foils
  • Easy process monitoring

Material Supported by Automatic Strip Packing Machine

  • Aluminium foil
  • Cellophane
  • Polyethylene
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Other heat-sealable materials

Automatic Strip Packing Machine Applications

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Household products
Automatic Strip Packing Machine Video